Arizona county explores drone use to carry vote tallies in 2020 election


Officials in an Arizona county are exploring the use of a drone to make getting vote tallies from tribal land within the Grand Canyon during next year’s election.

A report from the Associated Press detailed how the drones could speed up the process on the Havasupai reservation.

Voting machines have sent the tallies electronically in recent years but drone tech could force Coconino County to make a change.

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The article went on to detail how County recorder Patty Hansen said she’s working with the sheriff’s office and the tribe to see if a drone could carry a memory stick with vote tallies out of the canyon to a trailhead.

The stick then would be driven to Flagstaff more than two hours away where county-wide results are tabulated.

Drone tests are yet to be conducted as the Havasupai Tribe prohibits the use of drones on its land and would have to give the county permission.

About 130 people are registered to vote on the Havasupai reservation, but turnout generally is low.

It was reported that 30 people voted in person in the last major election and eight by mail.

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