ARPAS expresses disappointment in BBC response to drone program criticism

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ARPAS-UK has expressed its disappointment in the BBC on the broadcaster’s reaction to criticism it received on the drone program ‘Horizon: Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones.’

The UK’s trade organisation specified how it was dissatisfied that the BBC had not responded to the issues raised and sent a generic letter to all of the complaints they received.

The ARPAS statement stated that the BBC response “defends their Horizon program without admitting any fault, or offering an apology to our members. They have continued to cherry pick information in their response and have again painted a very one-sided view of the risks drones pose to the public.”

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It continued: “They have still failed to acknowledge that drones used by qualified operators reduce net risk, and have an excellent safety record. The programme focused on making sensational claims with what a lot of complaints have categorised as using incorrect data or biased information all presented as facts. This unfortunately is not unique to the BBC as we have seen similar inaccuracies in other press stories, and in evidence given to the recent select committee.”

ARPAS also detailed that it will support others who have agreed they will continue the complaint with the BBC.

The statement continued: “Secondly, we hope that any future programs that the BBC chooses to air will provide a more balanced view of the use of drones and the opportunity they provide with regards to safer, faster, more efficient and cost effective solutions in the many areas they operate. ARPAS will continue to offer assistance to the BBC to ensure that they are offering the public a balanced picture of the risks versus the benefits.

“We would also be delighted to put them in touch with our members who can give them specific examples where drones are reducing risks and saving lives. ARPAS will continue to lead by example by promoting the range of benefits drones bring to our communities.”

Adding: “We hope that the BBC will follow our lead on this important matter, and help this growing industry reach its life changing potential.”

The organisation then encouraged anyone with stories highlighting the benefits drones can bring to get in touch.

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