Atlas Dynamics and Luxriot unite to develop next generation video drones

Atlas Dynamic, an aerospace company providing autonomous UAV solutions, has teamed up with Luxriot to develop drone-based services to target three emerging markets.

The company announced today that it has entered a partnership with Luxriot, developer of top-quality, high-performance Luxriot Evo Video Management Software, in a bid to increase its business operations within the defence, security and first response sectors.

“Security, defence and first response are going to be among the first key markets to recognise the benefits of advanced drone technologies, and we are excited to work with the team at Luxriot to ensure that these solutions are of the highest quality,” said Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO and founder of Atlas Dynamics.

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“Our goal has always been to make drone technologies accessible to every professional. With that vision in mind, we are excited to enter this partnership and look forward to providing security and first response forces with the best drone-based solution possible.”

Ainars Svirskis, business development manager for Luxriot, added: “These are three key markets that are experiencing a significant increase in both applications and enthusiasm for professional-grade UAV solutions, and Atlas has proven its know-how in this arena.”

Atlas drones, which was founded in 2015, is working to be able to achieve longer flight times, wider ranges, faster speeds and greater altitudes with versatile sensors and payloads to serve key markets including infrastructure inspection, construction, security, first response, delivery and insurance.

Luxriot Video Management Software monitors over 1.2 million security and surveillance cameras in over 196 countries globally. The company provides powerful, smart video management solutions and infrastructure to defence organizations in Europe and the United States.

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