Authorities in Atlanta confiscate six drones ahead of Super Bowl


Six drones were confiscated by authorities in Atlanta after breaking the temporary no-flight order put in place by the FAA.

The FAA restricted drone flights for one nautical mile around the stadium up to an altitude of 1,000 feet on January 31, February 1 and 2 from 10am to 11:59pm.

That same restriction was in place on February 3 from 10 a.m. to 5:30pm when the TFR for the game took effect.

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The FBI in Atlanta took to Twitter on Friday to reiterate the ‘No Drone Zone’ message in confirming that it had confiscated the six drones in the run-up to the game.

According to a report from Reuters, Nick Annan, Homeland Security Investigations special agent described drones as “a big concern,” and said that “there are a few other things that are in place to mitigate drones.”

Commercial Drone Professional reported last week that pilots and drone operators who enter the TFRs without permission could face civil penalties that exceed $20,000 and potential criminal prosecution for flying drones in the TFR.

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FAA outlines ‘no drone zone’ around this weekend’s Super Bowl


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