Autonomous drone wireless charging market to grow 400%


The autonomous drone wireless charging and infrastructure market has been forecast to grow from $47m (£35.9m) at the end of 2018 to $249.3m (£191m) in 2024, according to a report by BIS Research.

This would constitute an impressive CAGR 34.78%, as noted by the report, titled ‘Global Autonomous Drone Wireless Charging and Infrastructure Market − Analysis and Forecast 2019-2024’.

High growth rate in the market, BIS says, signals desire to further automate UAV operations.

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With the drone wireless charging technology, autonomous drones will automatically find a predetermined landing pad that also acts as a wireless charger. This removes the need for a person to manually plug in the drone after every operation.

The technology is particularly useful for beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone use.

Sudheer Uniyal, lead analyst at BIS Research, commented: “The increasing demand for BVLOS drones in different commercial applications in future is expected to help in fueling the market for the wireless drone charging system. This is because a drone with high payload capacity and endurance needs more power backup for continuous operations.”

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