Axon launches drone livestream connected app for law enforcement


Axon has launched a new drone piloting and livestreaming application that allows law enforcement to livestream critical data directly into Axon’s digital evidence management solution.

The first-of-its kind Axon Air app allows law enforcement to stream drone footage to command staff and into Axon Evidence in near real-time.

The data is protected by the same rigorous data management system and chain of custody protocols that law enforcement agencies trust for body-worn, in-car and in-room video systems.

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Axon partnered with a network of agencies to develop the app, which includes customizable piloting controls and settings — about 30 agencies are using it in the field.

The Escondido Police Department in California was the first to use the application.

Commenting, Escondido’s drone program co-ordinator and chief pilot, sergeant Craig Miller, said: “We are excited to have a flight app that streamlines our workflow. From livestreaming in the moment to capturing the Evidence in a secure system, it makes our jobs easier and keeps everything consistent.”

Adding: “Our pilots love the simple interface and the streaming allows us to get widespread awareness on any critical incident — the Axon Air app has been a game-changer.”

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