Blackbird robotic security drone take flight down under with new partnership


Advanced drone technology and solutions company Department 13 International has partnered with one of the world’s leaders in superior drone equipment to introduce the game-changing Blackbird aerial robotic security (RAS) system to Australia for the first time.

Department 13 said the Blackbird, developed by highly-respected Nightingale Security, uses cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deploy autonomous drones that run perimeter patrols of critical infrastructure and automatically respond to emergencies in a matter of seconds providing live-stream video to a security team anywhere in the world.

It can also be used manually to respond to major events such as an oil spill, chemical leak or fire to help monitor and provide intelligence of the situation as it happens.

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Chief executive officer Lee Croft said Nightingale is a leading drone supplier to Department 13, which launched worldwide this year under new ownership and management, and opened a new office in Canberra to bring its industry-leading drone systems and solutions to the Asian-Pacific market.

Croft explained how the Blackbird system was a huge step forward in infrastructure protection and management, with Fortune 100 companies such as Lockheed Martin, Sanofi and Siemens, along with government agencies and military and defence installations, already making it a critical part of their high-tech, 24/7 security solutions.

He went on: “This is cutting-edge technology for those serious about keeping their businesses, people and infrastructure safe any time of the day or night.

“It’s a system that needs to be seen in action to truly understand how far drone technology has come and just what a fully networked, integrated system is capable of. We can even identify unauthorised drones in your airspace.

“Department 13 is striving to lead and innovate sUAS and counter-sUAS technology and we have an unparalleled commitment to delivering the highest quality technology, patents and services in our industry.”

Adding: “Bringing the Blackbird to Australia is a no-brainer. Nightingale’s reputation in the advanced sUAS technology industry is second-to-none around the world and we believe Blackbird will be a game-changer for local businesses looking to make intelligent, autonomous drones part of their security and situational awareness solutions.”

The drones operate from extra-strength covered base stations installed on rooftops and other secure locations.

Base stations can be networked to work together, are always mission-ready to deploy drones in a matter of seconds and provide real-time situational awareness.

With features including precision landing, self-charging, US Army-vetted end-to-end encryption for secure datatransmission, data integrity and data storage and networking, they are ready to go 24/7.

The Blackbird seamlessly integrates with Department 13’s DIAL and Atlas software and programming to provide elite remote situational awareness and operations, which incorporates superior drone software and patent technology to detect, identify, locate and manage response and monitoring services.

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