Boeing’s cargo air vehicle completes first outdoor test flight

Boeing has successfully completed the first outdoor flight test of its cargo drone.

The company confirmed eVTOL cargo air vehicle (CAV) managed to safely take off, hover, transition to forward flight, and land safely.

Powered by an electric propulsion system, the CAV is designed to carry a payload up to 500 pounds, a payload which the manufacturer hopes can open up new possibilities for safely and efficiently transporting goods.

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Since it’s unveiling in 2018, the CAV has evolved from an initial concept to a prototype air vehicle.

Boeing researchers and engineers refined the design through indoor testing, flight simulations and lab research.

The vehicle now features six dual-rotor systems and 12 propellers. Measures 17.5 feet in length and  20 feet in width, it is 5 feet tall and weighs 1,100 pounds.

Following the test flight of the drone, Boeing went on to confirm that in the coming months, Boeing will continue to advance the development of the CAV with flight testing focused on forward flight, loads analysis and vehicle performance.

In addition to the CAV, the Boeing NeXt portfolio includes the passenger air vehicle.

CDP reported on footage which showed the test flight for the passenger vehicle.

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