Brazilian aviation regulator approves senseFly drones for first BVLOS ops


senseFly has confirmed that the ANAC in Brazil has approved BVLOS flights for the first time.

Using the firm’s proprietary drone technology, the operations will be performed in collaboration with AL drones and geotech firm, Santiago & Cintra.

ANAC’s decision means that the senseFly eBee Classic, eBee Classic RTK, eBee Plus and eBee SQ are now officially approved for use in future BVLOS missions carried out by Brazilian drone operators.

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Pierre-Alain Marchand, regulatory compliance manager at senseFly, commented: “This is a momentous step forward for BVLOS operations in Brazil, and a really exciting time for the country’s expanding commercial drone industry.”

He added: “We’re delighted that our robust drones offering the appropriate safety mechanisms and exceptional navigational performance needed for BVLOS have played a part in this landmark achievement and are helping to define frameworks and regulations that will support the growth of future BVLOS operations.”

The authorisation comes almost two years after the publication of regulation RBAC-E94 in 2017, which legislated the use of drones for civil applications in Brazil.

It is hoped the new authorisation will enable drone operators to navigate and map larger and more remote areas, thus expanding the professional use of drones across a range of sectors.

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