‘Current battery firmware meets performance expectations’ says DJI as it concludes battery investigation


DJI has come to the end if its investigation into the issue concerning some TB50 and TB55 batteries reporting incorrect power levels in late 2018.

It has found that the current firmware (v01.02.0301), which adds a redundancy algorithm to the battery management system, has successfully addressed the early Return-To-Home (RTH) and Automatic Landing (AL) cases.

DJI had implemented conservative measures to trigger RTH and AL while it completed the investigation.

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After testing and close performance monitoring, DJI has found that the current firmware, issued in December, eliminates the need for another firmware update this month.

It has said that customers who updated their TB55 battery firmware after December can continue using their batteries with no additional precautions.

DJI went on to confirm that these mitigations provide additional protection for drones operating with old batteries and in low temperatures.

As part of its statement, DJI did say that pilots using drones of both the DJI M200 series and the DJI Inspire 2 with TB50 batteries, may continue to receive an ‘inconsistent firmware’ notification when using batteries updated with different firmware versions, a signal which could lock the drone.

To solve this compatibility issue, it has advised pilots to use batteries upgraded with the same firmware.

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