BREAKING NEWS: DJI doubles down on agriculture market with P4 Multispectral unveiling at AirWorks


At this year’s annual AirWorks conference, DJI has confirmed its intentions to better equip drones for the agriculture industry.

With the slogan ‘Today’s Tools, Tomorrow’s Standards,’ the manufacturer outlined the $1.4bn worth of addressable agricultural market in the US where drones can help improve work.

This is part of a wider addressable market of $5.9bn globally.

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Speaking to the media, DJI’s VP of strategic partnerships, Jan Gasparic, commented on how DJI’s aim for drones in agriculture is to help “scout fields in less time, see the unseen and make decisions mid-season.”

In doing so, DJI has launched the P4 Multispectral, a 6 lens camera integrated with the Phantom 4 which also has a sensor on top.

Introducing the product, Jan Gasparic said: “The idea is to create a ready to fly platform that is easy to use and that everybody can deploy. The camera system has six built-in lenses, one is an RGB sensor which essentially acts as a normal camera. Also integrated, is a five band multi spectral camera system. There are five different lenses, each with two megapixels and each one is capturing different levels of the light spectrum.”

He detailed how this was important as been able to access the entire light spectrum, something the naked eye is unable to do, can allow those in the field the gather information on plant health, chlorophyll levels, and potential stress to the plant.

He added: “On top of the drone is basically what we call a sunlight sensor. That is, when doing mapping missions, is it constantly capturing the ambient data and when processing this data the reading then gives more accurate and more consistent data. This all comes back to making data much more accessible and consistent for others to build on top of.”

As part of the announcement, DJI also confirmed that it would be bringing the T16, its agri spraying drone, to the North American market, previously used in the Asian market.

Elsewhere in drones for agriculture market, John Deere and Volocopter recently teamed up.

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