Bristol councillor calls for drones to crack down on illegal moving of fences

Bristol city hall

A Bristol council member has suggested using drones as a means of preventing homeowners making their gardens bigger by illegally moving fences onto public parks, Metro has reported.

If Don Alexander’s proposal is successful, UAVs could be used to gather evidence and crack down on the unlawful practise.

Cllr Alexander claimed that he had been made aware of instances in which homeowners had moved their fences up to two metres onto public property.

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As reported by Metro, he said: “People are undoubtedly moving their boundaries, some are pushing their fences further than they should be.

“It’s because they want more garden, or they might bring their fences in to leave a problem tree in the park.”

He added that the current means of prevention – aerial photography taken by a private company – had not proven successful in leading to prosecutions.

The councillor continued: “They would be prosecuted if we had the clear information to prove that it had been done.

“If we have these clear maps of where the lines are then people will think twice before moving their fences.”

He concluded: “With the affect austerity has had on staffing numbers, modern technology could hold the answer on how we protect our public spaces.”

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