BT launches counter-drone solution with DroneShield


BT has launched a new counter-drone solution to help organisations protect against threats to privacy, security and safety from potential intruding drones.

The new counter drone solution, provided by BT’s Enterprise unit and in partnership with DroneShield, will give organisations the capability to detect, track and identify drones which breach airspace and site limits, helping security staff respond to threats quickly and pro-actively.

Where lawful, the drone detection service can also extend to provide safe and effective countermeasures once a drone threat has been detected.

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BT described how although the majority of drone use provides a great benefit to society, empowering industry and creating new opportunities for businesses and authorities across sectors as varied as insurance, agriculture, and broadcasting, as they become cheaper and readily available, it wants to make sure its infrastructure is protected against potential rogue users.

Powered by multi-sensor detection technology, an enterprise-grade network and a real-time alert system, BT’s counter drone solution will help organisations determine if a drone poses any risk.

It will provide an operating range of up to 5km and 360-degree detection coverage, the BT system will continuously monitor the surroundings and provide early warnings so security teams are equipped to identify, assess and respond to threats.

BT will offer a complete end-to-end system of drone detection products and services that will provide a tailored solution for each customer’s security needs.

The service will be a fully managed BT solution offering everything from planning and design, installation and commissioning, as well as on-going operational support and maintenance once live.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented: “The recent disruptions at Gatwick and Heathrow airports have underscored the importance of counter drone capabilities for the UK’s critical infrastructure, as well as the fact that a range of corporate and public sector operators including security and law enforcement agencies, prisons, venues and events, data centres, VIPs, and many others, are at risk from rogue drone use.”

Adding: “We are excited to work with BT to assist this global leader in infrastructure security with delivering solutions based on our experience in the rapidly-developing counter drone industry.”

Simon Wingrove, Director of Strategy and Incubation at BT said: “Unwanted drone activity can have a dramatic effect on an organisation’s ability to function effectively and poses a real risk to safety. We believe that this partnership between BT and DroneShield will provide our customers with a best-in-class, integrated and secure drone detection solution.

“With BT’s world leading expertise in communications and networked IT services and DroneShield’s expertise in the counter-drone space, we are able to provide organisations with the security they need to detect and respond to unwanted drones before they become an issue,” he concluded.

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