CAA asks for industry opinion on UK Drone Registration Scheme


The CAA is holding a consultation covering its charge proposal for the Government mandated UK Drone Registration Scheme.

Set to be launched from October 1 this year, the registration would become a legal requirement under the Air Navigation Order from November 30.

As part of the CAA’s description on its online consultation hub, it explains how the Government has provided a taxpayer funding to cover the costs of developing the new drone registration scheme up until October 1.

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However, from that date onwards, the costs of running the scheme will be borne by those who use it under the user pays principle.

This is because as a statutory body, the CAA has to recover its costs from those it regulates.

Therefore, the reason it gives for consultation is the proposal of an annual £16.50 charge for each operator to cover the cost of running the registration scheme.

Based on the assumption of 170,000 registrations in the first 18 months, it has outlined IT hosting, security costs, CAA personnel, identity verification and a national education and awareness campaign as services which will need further funding. 

Closing on June 7, the regulator is accepting submissions to the consultation online via THIS LINK.

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