CAA issues safety notice on two drone-based issues


The CAA has issued two safety notices to drone users in the UK.

Revealed to CDP by ARPAS, the UK’s drone trade body, the notices cover water ingress and flying directly over uninvolved people.

On water ingress, it detailed how the issue has come to its attention due to the AAIB, and involves the loss of control of multirotor small unmanned aircraft.

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The AAIB concluded that the cause in each case was a result of water ingress into the aircraft.

Secondly, for flying directly over uninvolved people, the CAA detailed how the investigation of several UAS incidents has highlighted a requirement to provide better guidance for remote pilots of small unmanned aircraft when flying over uninvolved people.

It went on to detail how this was in accordance with Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO) article 95.

At the start of the New Year, the CAA addressed first time drone users.

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