Car maker Lexus unveils futuristic luggage-carrying drone


Lexus has unveiled the first look at a futuristic drone designed to carry your luggage onboard its new electric car concept.

As part of the reveal of the LF-30 electrified concept car, Lexus teased the Lexus Airporter, an autonomous drone that will assist the owners of its space-age car.

A statement read: “Autonomous driving and drone support vehicle technologies look ahead to 2030 and the greatly expanded value vehicles will be able to offer.”

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The reveal of the Lexus Airporter follows Ford patenting a “vehicle-integrated drone” that would automatically deploy from cars and trucks in the event of an emergency.

Ford’s application for drone technology is predominantly focused on providing law enforcement and rural drivers the ability to improve visibility.

The Lexus Airporter was introduced alongside the LF-30 concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

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