CASE STUDY: DJI aids DFDS in ferry terminal inspections and stock identification


DJI has released a case study and accompanying video detailing its work inspecting ferry terminals with Danish transport and logistics leader DFDS.

DFDS regularly moves more than three million trailers of its own as well as from partner companies.

The Danish company partnered with Lorenz Technology in 2018 with the aim of finding a solution. It realised in 2019 that drones could help it streamline its laborious manual process of locating specific items within this massive stock.

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For its ferry terminal inspections and stock location, DFDS now uses a DJI Matrice 210 with Zenmuse XT2, DJI’s most powerful camera. The report says: “It has both visual and thermal sensors capable of smart AI features that can quickly identify objects, alert pilots of issues difficult to see by human eyes and simplify the piloting experience.”

Lorenz Technology, a Danish drone software company, reports that it was a simple process to integrate its technology with DJI hardware, having tried and failed with a number of other brands on this project prior to the partnering.

The company developed its HiveTM software which allows the DJI Matrice 210 to complete automated inspections according to pre-programmed flight operations.

Compared to its previous method, DFDS said that the loading and discharging process now takes on average 15 minutes less. This saves not just on time, but also manpower, costs, fuel and CO2 emissions. In fact, it claimed that one loading operation sees a saving of approximately a tonne of fuel.

The report continues: “This is just the beginning for DFDS. The next step will be leveraging drones and AI to detect damages on the cargo. This will help the organization save on the total cost of damages and will significantly improve handling and customer service.”

Meanwhile, DJI director of strategic partnerships Jan Gasparic commented: “At DJI, we invest in building SDKs that enable industry experts, such as Lorenz Technology, to create unique solutions for specific industries and solve real-world business problems.

“There are so many opportunities for SDKs across a wide array of sectors that it is almost impossible for us to unlock their full potential ourselves. These efforts support DJI’s goal of providing comprehensive platforms of the future.”

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