ParaZero secures compliance for SafeAir from Transport Canada

SafeAir Mavic
ParaZero Technologies has confirmed its ASTM compliant SafeAir Systems for the DJI Phantom 4 Series and DJI Mavic 2 Series comply with the latest Transport Canada regulations. It now allows licensed operators using the SafeAir Mavic + ASTM Professional Kit and the SafeAir Phantom + ASTM Professional Kit to operate over people, effective immediately. ParaZero's declaration of compliance with the TC regulation is supported by the SafeAir's compliance with ASTM F3322-18 Standard Specification for RPAS Parachutes. Avi Lozowick, VP of policy and strategy at PareZero, commented: “We have been studying TC's new regulations and determining what testing and documentation we
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DDC gets its first US patent for proprietary drone delivery tech

The United States Patent Office has granted DDC a patent which covers its proprietary FLYTE management software system along with its drone delivery technology and processes. The patent is directed to aspects of DDC’s proprietary FLYTE management which is a core component of DDC’s drone delivery platform. As part of the release, DDC confirmed the patent is also directed to its ‘Railway in the Sky’ concept that is intended to simplify routing and control of delivery drones particularly in crowded urban areas. The system aims to provide a database for a flight route network that includes a number of route
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Drone Tech Conference opens its doors in London

The Drone Tech Conference in London has opened its doors to some of the big names in the industry this morning. Held at The Oval Space, organisers say they want the conference to provide an opportunity to identify how to build on the positives of the industry while examining potential threats. Speakers and guests include policymakers, innovators, corporates and representatives from drone tech groups and UAV professional organisations. A delivery drones panel with the BBC's buinesss and tech reporter Marie-Ann Russon kicks off the days proceedings. She will be joined by Duncan Walker, MD at Skyports and Andy Sage, head
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Altitude Angel launches UTM conflict resolution service in ‘world first’

Altitude Angel has announced it is to launch the world’s first UTM ‘conflict resolution service’ as an API. The company says that in doing so, it has taken a huge step towards allowing automated drone flights to become a day-to-day reality. Using the service, Altitude Angel detailed that it gives the pilot or operator the ability to securely check for conflicts in their drone flights quickly and easily, using the firm’s tried-and-trusted safety technology. Available via Altitude Angel’s developer platform and powered by its GuardianUTM operating system services, the Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) addresses some of the key risks which
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New York real-estate developers lobby against 71-year-old law that keeps drones grounded

Real-estate developers in New York City are hoping officials will amend a 71-year-old law which they say is preventing them from keeping up with the likes of Chicago and LA when it comes to building processes. The law, signed off in 1948, requires that all aircraft take off and land in a location designated for flight by the Port Authority, mainly airports, meaning that drones are effectively prohibited from flying within the city’s boundaries, despite a 2016 FAA ruling that legalised commercial drone use. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, a New York City website directs anyone
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ARPAS expresses disappointment in BBC response to drone program criticism

Investigation In Jimmy Savile Allegations Continues
ARPAS-UK has expressed its disappointment in the BBC on the broadcaster’s reaction to criticism it received on the drone program ‘Horizon: Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones.' The UK’s trade organisation specified how it was dissatisfied that the BBC had not responded to the issues raised and sent a generic letter to all of the complaints they received. The ARPAS statement stated that the BBC response “defends their Horizon program without admitting any fault, or offering an apology to our members. They have continued to cherry pick information in their response and have again painted a very one-sided view of the
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ADDC’s new board appointment sets sights on a ‘last mile’ secure compute solution for drones

Arnouse Digital Devices Corporation (ADDC) has appointed Dean Nelson to its board of directors. The former head of Uber Metal has joined the high-tech compute designer and manufacturer’s board in a move to help with a ‘last mile’ secure compute solution for global IoT devices. Michael Arnouse, chairman and CEO of ADDC, said he was looking forward to welcoming Nelson. He commented: “We are excited to welcome Mr. Nelson on board and honoured that he accepted our invitation to offer his industry expertise as we bring our technology offerings to the data center and global computing market.” On his appointment,
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