WATCH: HEISHA takes flight new pilot-free fixed wing with VTOL capability

HEISHA has launched the D.NEST F300, a new unattended system which combines the auto-charging station C300 with VTOL fixed win. The firm says it hoping the new release can revolutionise the way in which drones are used in daily life and it can be used for farm/pasture/privacy land inspection. Heisha also released D.NEST D300 and D.NEST S300 for small areas, based on other open source drones. The company describes D.NEST as an untended and complete system for property surveillance, fully auto-unattended inspection solutions for home/roof/building/private land. Watch the video here: It gave a use-case example of when users are
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International sports marketing duo make move into drone racing

Strategic advisors and consultants, Jean-Francois Denis and Paul Sullivan, have joined the IUDRO director’s board for the upcoming 2020 season. Denis set up the first ever sport media advisory firm to be listed on the LSE AIM’s market while Sullivan developed global companies from start-ups, both professionals worked closely with many sports governing bodies, media companies and major brands, across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Denis has also held senior management positions in leading sports marketing agencies and consulting firms that has implemented commercial and broadcasting agreements for the world's biggest sports events and properties, including the FIFA Football
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