Night time drone patrols to combat rural sheep slaughter

Park End Farming sheep
Their ability to cover vast swathes of land at night time has seen drones called upon by police in Northamptonshire, who are battling a spate of rural crime which has seen 80 animals killed, butchered and sold to local restaurants. Night time drone patrols using equipment fitted with thermal imaging are being deployed to check remote locations for sheep rustlers. Drones will be used alongside ground patrols in the latest technological move to combat rustlers, who are able to steel hundreds of sheep in a single raid. The move, called Operation Stock, will see drones track thieves and scour the
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Drones lauded as XAG explains the driving force behind smart Ag growth in China

Drones were praised as one of the reasons behind the rapid growth of smart agriculture in China at the World Economic Forum’s 13th annual meeting of the New Champions. As an official member of the WEF, XAG engaged with attendees in the AMNC to elaborate on the driving forces behind China's accelerated development of smart agriculture. Justin Gong, co-founder and VP of XAG, gave a keynote speech at the meeting's session. He said: “China's rapid developing smart agriculture is mainly driven by five factors, including smallholder economy, urbanisation, technological innovation, consumer upgrading and policy support.” He went on to detail
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Kellogg’s farmers trial DroneAg’s scouting platform

Kellogg’s is trialling DroneAg’s scouting platform as part of its Origins project, a community of grain farmers across Europe put together for sustainable and natural farming practices. The cereal giant says it wants the partnership with DroneAg to further push boundaries and assess if greater efficiency can be brought into crop analysis and inputs at the farm level using drone technology. As part of the efforts in the UK, a drone is being shared with a small group of Origins farmers in the Northampton area and DroneAg’s new software, Skippy Scout, will be put to the test in its final
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