Aerobotics takes one step closer to full roll-out with Yield Estimation trials for Citrus

The Aerobotics team has taken one stop closer to introducing its Yield Estimation product to all clients. It has confirmed that it is now rolling out the first trials of the product in the US. In announcing the news, Aerobotics detailed how it can give farmers early & mid-stage yield estimation, meaning that even at the early stages of maturation, the product will help inform intervention decisions, resource requirements, and marketing and packhouse strategies in preparation for harvest. Aerobotics will provide reports throughout the season which estimate the number of fruit and size distribution at the time of your drone
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Sensefly becomes Trimble Select Partner ensuring increased access to its drones

SenseFly has become a Trimble Select Partner, allowing agriculture professionals in North America and Europe to get direct access to its platform of drones through Trimble’s distribution network. In addition to leading models like the eBee X fixed-wing drone, Trimble customers will have access to senseFly’s extensive suite of drone sensors. Gilles Labossière, senseFly’s CEO, said: “We’re pleased to be chosen as a Trimble Select Partner. “senseFly is committed to being the leader in fixed-wing drones, and partnerships with respected and established organizations, such as Trimble, validate our position, while making it easier for agriculture professionals to take advantage of
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Delair partners with Geosys strategic partnership for precision agriculture offering

visuel_geosys_delair (1)
Delair and Geosys have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at expanding the options for gathering and analysing data for enhanced crop inputs placement, seed production and crop monitoring practices. The partnership will deliver a single analytics platform with seamless integration of high-value drone and satellite data to better meet the needs of today’s precision agriculture users. Initially, the two companies will offer an integrated solution to help ag professionals with variable rate fertilization management. France will be the first market to benefit from the enhanced service through the Cerelia platform – a precision agriculture platform offered by Geosys in
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