Delair and BASF focus on agricultural solutions acceleration

BASF and Delair are collaborating on scaling up BASF’s research and development projects for seeds, traits and crop protection. The agreement will enable BASF’s agricultural research stations worldwide to use the cloud platform to streamline and standardize the information gained through drone-based field studies. The platform provides enterprise-focused workflows and industry-specific analytics and will help BASF turn its visual drone data into actionable insights and ultimately, new sustainable solutions for the agricultural market. Each year, BASF conducts several thousands of research trials in agricultural stations throughout the globe to measure product performance under different field conditions. Commenting, Greta
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XAG launches farm robots and smart agriculture management system

Smart Agriculture Conference (SAC 2020), hosted by XAG, was co-organised by Chinese National Precision Agricultural Aviation Centre and partnered with Alipay. Held in Beijing on December 19, the conference featured XAG's new product launch as well as a Smart Agriculture Report published by global strategy consultancy CLEAR. 400 global audiences, including agricultural experts, government officials, foreign diplomats and agri-business, had convened to share views on developing innovative human-centred strategy for a smart agriculture ecosystem. Vincent Martin, FAO representative China, argued that the industry must introduce technology to overhaul the traditional resource-intensive food system, to better resolve the pain points of
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AgTech companies collaborate on drone-based aerial app to increase soybean yield

Four agricultural technology (AgTech) companies have announced the results of a trial in the US whereby they collaboratively implemented drone-based technologies to diagnose a field issue, prescribed a solution, delivered a targeted treatment, and verified an effective end-to-end system.  The companies involved were Taranis, Phytobiotics North America, Continuum Ag and Rantizo. Trials were conducted on six of Continuum Ag’s 50x250 foot soybean plots near Ainsworth, Iowa. Taranis performed scans of the fields at sub-millimeter resolution using the company’s proprietary AI2 technology and successfully identified the nutrient status of each individual leaf using an automated AI-based system. On those sections of
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