Aerobotics hits milestone of processing ten million trees

Precision agriculture firm Aerobotics has reached the milestone of processing ten million trees and vines with its software. The announcement was officially made by Aerobotics’ CFO and head of growth Tim Willis as part of the AfricaCom event at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Willis explained how he thinks that Aerobotics’ proprietary artificial intelligence software gets stronger and more efficient the more data that is processed. He said: “Today, we are proud to announce that we have processed 10 million trees in Aerobotics’ software, making our artificial intelligence and solutions stronger and more efficient.” He added: “This is not
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Parrot unveils end-to-end drone solution for efficient crop assessment

Parrot has released its fully integrated drone solution designed for crop mapping and scouting. The new solution hopes to provide farmers, agronomists and researchers with the insights needed to boost the quality of crops and maximise yields. Part of the Parrot Business Solutions portfolio, Parrot Bluegrass Fields brings together today’s popular Parrot Bluegrass drone with the new ParrotFields mobile mapping app and Pix4Dfields desktop and cloud-based drone mapping software. Jean-Thomas Celette, chief strategy and product officer for Parrot Business Solutions, said: “Parrot Bluegrass Fields makes it easier than ever before for professionals such as agronomists, farmers and researchers to map
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Delair unveils new large scale agriculture surveying UAV

Delair has released of a new drone platform specifically optimised for the agriculture industry, the Delair UX11 Ag. Built on the foundation of the successful Delair UX11 fixed-wing UAV, the new version combines long-range/BVLOS flight operations with highly accurate survey-grade mapping and plant data collection capabilities. The UX11 Ag uses enhanced centimetre-level geolocation along with operational characteristics, as part of its aim to become a cost-effective solution for large area farming and forestry. The full-featured drone includes sensing technologies and a multispectral camera for plant-level measuring, including bird level, biomass and chlorophyll. It supports a productivity-oriented workflow for long-range, multi-field
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New smartphone drone app to shake up UK farming market

Drone AG is launching an app to assist farmers by making walking fields a thing of the past. The app has been designed to scout fields for farmers, in a bid to save time and increase the detail of results with just a small drone and a smartphone. Once a field has been selected, the ‘Skippy Scout’ app flies the drone and collects high-res imagery at various points throughout its journey. The images are then downloaded straight to the user’s phone and can be analysed for growth stage, green area index, weeds and disease. Drone AG's Jack Wrangham said: “In
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Swarms of buzzing drones could soon be used to pollinate farms of the future

New technology means drones could soon be programmed to pollinate urban vertical farms, mimicking the work of bees. The DelFly nimble was inspired by fruit flies and features clear, thin wings to help the drone work in a tight working environment. According to the Evening Standard, the remote controlled device was shown off by students at Delft University of Technology’s Robo House in the Netherlands. Its designers are now working to add an autonomous flight capability in addition to a feature which would allow the drone to pollinate plants. The team involved in the project was keen to look at
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Kingston University exploring 5G tech to give UK farmers eye in the sky as part of £2m Government project

Experts at Kingston University are set to explore how 5G technology could provide farmers with a view of their fields from above as part of a £2.1m Government funded project. Kingston University's Robot Vision team will be exploring how drones could harness 5G technology to carry out real time video monitoring and surveillance on farms as part of the 5GRIT research project. The new research into 5G tech could pave the way for a new era of ‘smart' farming that would allow intelligent drones to monitor crops and livestock. The work, which involves several other organisations, is part of a
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FAA approves long distance drone flight to aid Hurricane Florence victims

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The Federal Aviation Administration has approved long range drone flight to pilots helping victims from Hurricane Florence. According to a report by Bloomberg, insurance company, State Farm Mutual Automobile Association, was the first to be granted permission to fly long distance over a populated area. The FAA approved routine commercial drone operations two years ago, but has since restricted flights to short journeys at low altitudes away from people, all within sight of an operator on the ground. The reason for this exception to the rule this time is due to the destruction caused by the Hurricane, however, it could
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Farmers affected by Hurricane Florence offered discounted technology to assess damage

Precision agriculture company Aerobotics has offered discounted access to drone technology to farmers affected by Hurricane Florence to check tree crop damage. Aerobotics, based in Cape Town, South Africa, has made its tree crop scouting technology available to farmers affected by Hurricane Florence for free or at a discounted rate. The discount will depend on the acreage and specifics of each farm. Aerobotics uses proprietary software and imagery from drones to assess damage caused by pests, diseases and other external factors. The Aerobotics team has said it understands the pain, stress and damage weather can cause farmers and hopes its
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