Manna and Cubic Telecom unite to enable high-speed food delivery by drone

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Two Irish companies are collaborating to ensure hungry customers receive their food at ultra-high-speed using a drone delivery service. Cubic Telecom has partnered with drone delivery company Manna to enable it to track, monitor and control its drone fleets. Making the announcement at this year’s CES in Vegas, the companies also detailed how they can do so while delivering from restaurants and centralised kitchens directly to consumers’ homes across Europe and the U.S. Manna’s drones, connected by Cubic Telecom will autonomously deliver customers’ meals while flying at a height of up to 80 meters and a speed up to 80km
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Drones could lead the way in de-carbonised air travel, PhD study finds

Drones could be at the forefront of the de-carbonisation of air travel, a doctor completing a PhD study has found. At Imperial College in London, a young team built what it believes to be the future of air travel. A BBC report detailed how H2Go Power is seeking a patent to store the explosive gas cheaply and safely. While studying for her PhD in Cambridge, Dr Enass Abo-Hamed came up with a revolutionary structure which could store hydrogen as a stable solid without compression. The report explained how the university paired her with materials scientist, Luke Sperrin, to try to
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Global drone delivery at forefront of Pierce Aerospace and Dronedek partnership

Indiana-based Pierce Aerospace and DRONEDEK have teamed up to advance commercial drone delivery. The collaboration unites Pierce Aerospace's Remote Identification expertise and technologies and DRONEDEK’s patent portfolio in last-mile logistics, including a drone mailbox system. The teams' combined systems aim to provide the infrastructure that enables scalability of authenticated package delivery to government, commercial, institutional, and residential locations throughout the world. The result is authenticated, to-your-door-delivery, that is both private and secure. Aaron Pierce, CEO Pierce Aerospace, said: "By pairing Flight Portal ID with DRONEDEK, we can deliver trust from the sky to the ground, verifying that the drones arriving
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DJI joins FAA drone integration program

DJI has joined the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) drone Integration Pilot Program (IPP) at Memphis International Airport. DJI joins several local participants involved in the Memphis program, including the City of Memphis, Memphis Fire Department, Memphis Police Department, Tennessee Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics, FedEx, AirXOS, Measure, Avitas, and 901Drones. The drone integration program is using DJI drones to explore the safety and efficiency benefits of small unmanned aircraft system applications at the Memphis International Airport through FedEx aircraft inspections, delivery of FedEx aircraft parts in day and night operations, airport perimeter security, and support of various airport
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