Drones at Work

Q&A: Senior drone pilot for Devon and Cornwall Police on running drone ops across two counties

According to an independent study from HMICFRS (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services) conducted in March 2017, over 65% of UK ‘police forces had either purchased at least one drone or had ready access to one,’. However, with the ever increasing number of media reports involving police using drones, this number is sure to have increased. Just one of the forces benefiting from drone technology is Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police who have formed a Strategic Alliance. DJI Enterprise caught up with their Senior Drone Pilot, PC Tom Shainberg to tell us more about their
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More drones used by roof inspectors for ‘faster and more efficient’ inspections

Roof inspector
Roof inspectors in the United States are increasingly purchasing UAVs to survey roofs, according to a new case study. The study, carried out by FLIR Systems, says that drones equipped with thermal and visible cameras are being used to track down moisture and inspect for signs of insulation that is damaged or missing. Although inspectors may still be required to get up on the roof to establish the extent of an issue, the drones are able to give a thorough view of a roof and establish which parts will not need further inspection. This has ensured that roof inspections can
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Drones deployed in Djibouti for flood damage mitigation and port inspection

Terra Drone Europe has successfully completed a high-resolution photogrammetric pavement assessment using a multirotor drone at Djibouti’s key port of Doraleh. Across five days, the aerial survey was accompanied by detailed inspections of the quay walls and the sea defence revetments at the Doraleh harbor. The data acquired will be used in conjunction with previously-collected bathymetric data, by Deep B.V., to offer a holistic view of the condition of the port from both above and below the waterline. With the survey, it is hoped that Djibouti will be able to identify the high and low spots of the harbour pavements.
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