Drones help with difficult task of weighing whales

Scientists have been deploying drones to help with what is usually the challenging task of weighing whales. Usually, scientists have to weight stranded or dead animals which can lead less accuracy. Now, according to a report in CNET, a team of researchers led by the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies in Denmark and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts published a study on how drones can be used. The method this week in the British Ecological Society journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution. The CNET report detailed how the scientists used drones to take aerial photographs of southern right
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AeroVironment donates drones to 35 universities to advance UAV work in farming

AeroVironment has announced its 2019 Quantix and AV DSS University Collaboration Project. The concept has been set up to advance academic research, applications and crop production practices to improve the future of farming through the use of UAS and advanced data analytics. For the project, AeroVironment has donated 87 Quantix hybrid drone and AV DSS ecosystems to the agricultural departments of 35 universities throughout the U.S., including Purdue University, The Ohio State University, Cornell University, University of Louisiana-Monroe, University of Florida, University of Georgia, North Dakota State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and many others. Participating universities will therefore
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Loughborough University drone expert develops tech for climate change tracking

A Loughborough University academic is developing drone technology to measure the size of small, underwater sediments in a bid to understand how rivers are responding to environmental drivers such as climate change. Physical geographer Dr Amy Woodget of the School of Social Sciences, is hoping her research using drone imagery and machine learning will allow sediments as small as 0.5cm to be measured accurately, providing valuable scientific data that will reveal how rivers are behaving. By studying patterns of sediment size, experts can understand changes that are occurring in rivers as a result of environmental factors. Dr Woodget says drones
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Drone tech meets soldering iron in University workshops

CURPAS and Ersa have held two workshops titled ‘Drone meets Soldering Iron.’ The events were held at the University of Zielona Gora in Poland and at the Technical University in Chemnitz. The idea for the two workshops was first born during the CURPAS International Annual Conference in 2018 where Jörg Nolte, product manager soldering tools, rework and inspection systems, spoke to drone experts about solder joints for the first time. Dr. Christina Eisenberg, treasurer and network manager of the GRW network CURPAS, commented: “We discussed the topic of electronics in unmanned systems with Mr. Nolte right from the start. The
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Drones could provide answer to corrosion in oil pipes

University research has found that drones could be useful for companies looking to avoid corrosion in oil pipes. The work forms part of the H2020 European Research and Innovation project Aeroarms, which is funded by the European Commission. In late May the multi-sensor localization and mapping techniques and new planning methods developed by the University of Seville will be experimented with at a refinery in northern Germany before more experiments are performed next June and July. The work is expected to produce results to generate several industrial products immediately after the project, including aerial manipulators for contact inspection and installation
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