Emergency Services

Drone developed to aid coastguard in rescue missions

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is developing drone technology to help it in search and rescue missions. The MCA is hoping the device will be able to help it during searches in water, along the coastline and in the Scottish Highlands. A report from the Press and Journal, a regional paper serving Aberdeen and Inverness, said how a trial taking place in England this month will inform the agency on the type of model that will be relied upon. An MCA spokesman commented: “Broadly speaking, we are exploring two operational areas; the use of small drones, rotary and fixed wing,
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VIDEO: Drone helps Lincs Police contain wanted person on the run

Officers within the Lincolnshire Police force have again used drone technology to help with their efforts to fight crime. On Sunday evening the drone team took to social media to show how a drone had been used to contain a man on the run from police. As part of the tweet, the force described how it had used its drone with FLIR thermal technology in order to quickly deploy and assist the team on the ground. Following a house search the police successfully caught the wanted person. View the video released by Lincolnshire Police's drone team here: https://twitter.com/i/status/1112492461174206466
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