Emergency Services

Retired fire chief joins DJI in expansion of its drones for public safety operation

DJI has welcomed retired fire chief Wayne Baker as its new director of public safety integration. The manufacturer says it hopes the appointment can enhance its support for the police, fire and rescue personnel across America who rely on DJI drones for public safety. Baker is a 26-year veteran of the fire service and recently retired after serving the past 10 years as fire chief and emergency management coordinator for the city of Joshua, Texas. He is also a founding member of the North Central Texas Public Safety UAS Response Team, where he worked with DJI to test and evaluate
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New drone camera system developed to help search inside buildings

A new camera system that aids in the search and rescue of people trapped inside buildings by allowing operators to see inside high rise buildings has been revealed. The new WideSee system was developed in collaboration between engineers at the University of Leeds, University of Massachusetts and Northwest University in Xi’an China. WideSee has been designed for use by emergency workers to aid in the rescue of those trapped inside high rise buildings. Researchers say that the prototype device is capable of scanning deep into a building by using long-range radio waves, which can penetrate concrete walls. Dr Zheng Wang,
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ResponDrone set to hold ‘Design Thinking’ workshop for First Responders

ResponDrone are preparing to hold a ‘Design Thinking’ workshop for First Responders in Thessaloniki, Greece from November 12-13. Participants from regional and national authorities, state agencies, rescue services and fire departments will participate in the workshop aimed at identifying their needs for the future ResponDrone System. The international ResponDrone Project, which is developing a situational awareness system for emergency situations, and provides critical information and communication services to first responders, will bring together industrial, technological and end-user partners of the consortium. ResponDrone has started work on developing an integrated solution for first responders to operate a fleet of drones with
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UAVs to assist in post-hurricane relief

UAS team wildfire threats
The Government of Bahamas will make use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to support its post-hurricane relief efforts. Swift Engineering’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) team will use its UAVs to gather intelligence on the damage caused by the hurricane, conducting 98 day and night missions. The fleet will be used to gather 3D terrain models, damage assessments and fire containment analysis to help more effectively provide relief. Rick Heise, CEO of Swift Engineering, said: “Our team of UAV pilots and services specialists were ready on a moment's notice to support the relief efforts in the Bahamas. "We were able to assess the
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Firefighting drones set to make wildfire prevention safer

A start-up behind a new firefighting drone claims it has the solution to make wildfire prevention safer. Drone Amplified, a business born out of Nebraska University, has developed a new drone system called Ignis that allows firefighters to start small, prescribed fires to burn away potentially dangerous vegetation preventing future forest fires. Ignis utilises small chemical spheres that are mounted on drones before being dropped over areas of forest at risk of fuelling future fires. The spheres are then ignited remotely to spark a fire, destroying the potentially dangerous vegetation. One single payload of the small, ping-pong ball-sized chemical spheres
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Lancashire Police drone unit locates offender after pursuit

Lancashire Police Tactical Operations division reported that its drone team aided in locating an offender following a pursuit in Blackburn. Through the use of infrared imaging, the drone team was able to uncover the location of the offender following reports of two people having made off from their car after a chase. The drone team at Lancashire Police used an Aeryon SkyRanger equipped with a thermal camera for the pursuit. The Lancashire Police team took to Twitter to unveil thermal imaging from the drone showing the situation as it unfolded. https://twitter.com/LancsTacOps/status/1186072567674740742 https://www.commercialdroneprofessional.com/south-west-police-forces-use-centrik-to-effectively-manage-drone-operations/
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Medically equipped drones three minutes faster than ambulances, study finds

Drones equipped with emergency equipment are 32% faster when responding to emergencies than ambulances, a new study has found. Researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics tested emergency response times between manned ambulances and a series of drone flights, finding that the unmanned aerial vehicles were three minutes faster. Scientists have suggested that the enhanced response times combined with drones equipped with key medical supplies such as asthma pumps, defibrillators and communication devices could be used to help those suffering from a range of emergency conditions. The data was collected using a series of test flights in New York City
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West Sussex county council’s £36k drone never flown

A £36,000 drone owned by West Sussex county council has yet to be used despite being bought 18 months ago. The drone was purchased for £20,850 for use in surveying as well as to assist the local fire service. In addition to the cost of the drone unit itself, West Sussex county council also paid out £12,353 for staff training as well as £2,753 on insurance. A council spokesman said: “We acknowledge there has been a delay in using the drone. “We have faced a number of difficulties, mainly around licensing, and as a result we are reviewing its future
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