Coronavirus fight turns to drone tech for medical deliveries

The Coronavirus fight is turning to drones. A medical delivery drone flying from the people's Hospital of Xinchang County to the disease control center of Xinchang County has successfully completed the whole process of air transportation. This marks the launch of the first "urban air transportation channel" to help to fight the corona virus  which is in a worrying outbreak in China. Xinchang County is located in Zhejiang province, and Zhejiang province is one of the most severely virus hit provinces with already 1006 patients confirmed 2019-nCoV diagnose as of February 6. At present, it is in a tense period
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XAG puts aside £500k for drone spraying disinfection operation in fight against coronavirus

Coronavirus disinfection is at the heart of XAG's £546k special fund to help aid the response and prevent the disease spreading. In order to address the urgent need for strengthening disease prevention measures, XAG has set up the 5-million-yuan (£546k) special fund. It calls for voluntary drone disinfection operations in China, which is hardest hit by the epidemic. XAG is actively pitching in to combat the contagious coronavirus with innovative technologies, as well as assisting local governments on public health safety. The fund is committed to providing XAG's agricultural drone users with technical support to properly carry out aerial coronavirus
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NHS considers drone tech to deliver cancer treatments

Under new proposals, the NHS could soon deliver blood samples and chemotherapy kits by drone. Drawn up by Solent Transport, a partnership covering four councils across the south coast, the plans could mean more accurate results, in time sensitive situations. According to a report from the Telegraph, transport planners are bidding for the first UK trials using the devices to carry packages between hospitals, GP surgeries and hospital labs. It detailed how planners said the drones could also be used to cover parts of the country which are hard to reach, but experts have explained how the scheme – which
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UPS and CVS complete landmark first drone prescription delivery

The UPS and CVS partnership has completed its first prescription deliveries via drone, successfully flying medication from the pharmacy directly to the customer’s home. The deliveries were completed on November 1, 2019, using the M2 drone system created by UPS in partnership with Matternet. The flights launched from a CVS in Cary, before flying autonomously, while being monitored by a remote operator, and completing delivery at two separate destinations including a retirement home. The drone then hovered 20 feet over the delivery destination before lowering the prescription to the ground via a cable and winch system. CVS Pharmacy president, Kevin
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