NHS considers drone tech to deliver cancer treatments

Under new proposals, the NHS could soon deliver blood samples and chemotherapy kits by drone. Drawn up by Solent Transport, a partnership covering four councils across the south coast, the plans could mean more accurate results, in time sensitive situations. According to a report from the Telegraph, transport planners are bidding for the first UK trials using the devices to carry packages between hospitals, GP surgeries and hospital labs. It detailed how planners said the drones could also be used to cover parts of the country which are hard to reach, but experts have explained how the scheme – which
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UPS and CVS complete landmark first drone prescription delivery

The UPS and CVS partnership has completed its first prescription deliveries via drone, successfully flying medication from the pharmacy directly to the customer’s home. The deliveries were completed on November 1, 2019, using the M2 drone system created by UPS in partnership with Matternet. The flights launched from a CVS in Cary, before flying autonomously, while being monitored by a remote operator, and completing delivery at two separate destinations including a retirement home. The drone then hovered 20 feet over the delivery destination before lowering the prescription to the ground via a cable and winch system. CVS Pharmacy president, Kevin
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Medically equipped drones three minutes faster than ambulances, study finds

Drones equipped with emergency equipment are 32% faster when responding to emergencies than ambulances, a new study has found. Researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics tested emergency response times between manned ambulances and a series of drone flights, finding that the unmanned aerial vehicles were three minutes faster. Scientists have suggested that the enhanced response times combined with drones equipped with key medical supplies such as asthma pumps, defibrillators and communication devices could be used to help those suffering from a range of emergency conditions. The data was collected using a series of test flights in New York City
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Irish university makes BVLOS insulin drone delivery in aviation first

National University of Ireland Galway has completed a BVLOS diabetes drone delivery of insulin. From Connemara Airport to Inis Mor on the Aran Islands, the drone was given special research permission from the Irish Aviation Authority to show the possibility of future deliveries of this kind with planned drone corridors. The completion of the flight meant it became the first autonomous BVLOS Vodafone connected VTOL drone delivery of prescription medication and collection of patient blood sample for diabetes care. The IoT connected drone delivery operated in between commercial flights and was in contact with air space regulators at all times,
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Collaborative drone fleet transports immunisation vaccines for children in DR Congo

A collaboration which included the Ministry of Health, VillageReach and Swoop Aero, with funding by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has vaccinated the first children receiving vaccines by drone in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The successful flights, which took place in the northwestern province of Équateur, are part of a broader strategy to reach remote populations with vaccines and other medicines called Nouvelle Génération des Chaînes d’Approvisionnement, or NGCA. The drone demonstrations highlight continued innovation to improve health, in the midst of the recent public health emergency declaration by the World Health Organization due to an Ebola outbreak. A
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Pierce Aerospace and Redwing Labs enter partnership for global drone delivery advancement

Pierce Aerospace and Redwing Labs have entered into a partnership in a move to advance global medical deliveries by drone. The companies have said that they hope by teaming up the strengths of Pierce Aerospace’s Remote Identification expertise and technologies and Redwing Labs' long-distance drone delivery aircraft and operations can be combines. Aaron Pierce, CEO, commented: ““I am happy to see Redwing Labs and Pierce Aerospace combining efforts to advance medical drone delivery around the world. As a former volunteer EMT, I have been a proponent of the potential of drones in the medical field and I see amazingly capable
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