Amazon to offer ‘home surveillance drones’ following patent approval

Amazon has been granted approval for a patent that will see the tech giant deliver drones capable of carrying out home surveillance. The patent, which was first applied for by Amazon in 2015, was approved on June 4. Although the plans remain in the early stages, the patent suggests that in the future users will be able to order drones to perform tasks such as checking for doors left open and broken windows when they are away from their home. In cases where something suspect is found, a message or phone call would then be sent to the homeowner and
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Silicon Valley’s new fixed wing UAV designed for LIDAR completes test flights

A company based in California’s Silicon Valley has developed a new fixed wing UAV that is designed to be used on patrol and observation missions for aerial photography. UAVOS Inc, whose European headquarters are in Switzerland, has successfully completed test flights for its new Sitaria UAV. Among other tasks, the unmanned aircraft is purposely designed to work with the LIDAR airborne laser scanning equipment as its payload. The Sitaria drone has a wide range of speeds (stall speed 65 km/h, maximum speed 150 km/h), which allows the aircraft to carry out missions at minimum flight speeds close to 70 km/h.
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Surveillance drones used to spot tax cheats

Tax authorities in Greece have used drones to catch people avoiding tax for the first time. The Santorini authorities say they have started to use drones to spot violations in which tourists would get boat tours of the island’s volcanic crater without receiving a receipt. Greece’s Independent Authority for Public Revenue said that last week, a one-day operation looked at nine tour boats, finding a number of violations. According to the Associated Press, a follow-up found violations for the activity over one day totalled over £20,000. The news agency followed up the findings with a request for more information, but
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