Citadel Defense delivers ‘urgent contract’ for Counter Drone Systems

Citadel Defense has confirmed that its AI-powered system, Titan, has been again selected by a top tier military service customer for mission-critical ground and airspace perimeter security deployments overseas. The number of Titan systems delivered and details about the contract were not disclosed by the company. Citadel's breakthrough Titan C-UAS system was chosen for its “combination of usability, performance and price.” The sensor accurately detects, identifies and defeats ground, sea and airspace drone threats using patent-protected technology combined with powerful control software. Commenting, Christopher Williams, CEO, said: “Having the world's elite warfighters turn to your technology for drone protection when
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Fortem Technologies adds complete end to end C-UAS solution to its offering

Fortem Technologies has added the TrueView R30 radar to its end to end C-UAS solution. As the newest addition to Fortem's industry-leading array of radar products for advanced drone detection and threat assessment, the company says the TrueView R30 radar offers unprecedented clutter rejection, making it the highest performing, most cost-effective and compact radar in its class. The addition of the R30 radar to Fortem's SkyDome system fills the need for a mid-range solution to detect and mitigate rogue drones in areas where radio frequency (RF) and larger radar C-UAS solutions fail to detect autonomous dark drones. Timothy Bean, CEO
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WhiteFox partners with BlueForce and EXO Tactik for drone security trial launch

WhiteFox is partnering with BlueForce and EXO Tactik to launch a year-long drone security trial at YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport. The company explained how a drone security trial of this magnitude is unprecedented, with previous drone security trials been conducted at airports, but none at an airport this large, and never for a year-long duration.  The systems will gather invaluable information throughout the trial, relaying it back to the airport and the companies involved. The systems will be vigorously tested by the strains of an international airport, as well as the significant environmental stresses of a punishing Canadian winter. Luke
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