Lockheed Martin completes successful counter-drone operation

Lockheed Martin ATHENA
Lockheed Martin has demonstrated its laser weapon system for the U.S. Air Force at a government test range at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The ATHENA system successfully engaged and shot down multiple fixed wing and rotary drones. The Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) operated in a fully-netted engagement environment with a government command and control (C2) system and radar sensor. The radar track was provided to airmen who operated ATHENA via cues from the C2, then ATHENA's beam director slewed, acquired, tracked and defeated the drone with a high-energy laser. Validating this type of full kill-chain performance has been a
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Heliguy installs ‘sophisticated’ drone defence system at Gatwick

Heliguy has provided Gatwick Airport with a sophisticated drone defence system, which now forms part of the airport’s overall counter UAV capability to protect itself from rogue attacks. The UK’s second busiest airport has been prompted to take action following the so called reported drone sightings in December. The North East-based firm has recently installed the counter-drone technology, as part of a broader, comprehensive solution which protects the airport from a wide range of unmanned aircraft. For drone detection and defence Heliguy tworks with a breadth of technology partners to offer a layered solution. This includes Altitude Angel and Operational
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Dedrone unveils the latest version of its counter-drone tech

Dedrone has released the latest version of its DroneTracker allowing for the integration of new technology to further boost the security of protected airspace. The DroneTracker 4.1 allows the most advanced radar and camera systems to be integrated, boosting the range as well as allowing for autonomous drones to be detected. DroneTracker 4.1 detects RF, WiFi and non-WiFi UAV’s through the Dedrone RF-100 and RF-300, determining the manufacturer, model and flight time of a drone before triggering countermeasures and alerts to ensure to maintain security in protected airspace. Dedrone co-founder and CEO, Joerg Lamprecht, said: "All counter-drone technology programs must
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Bosch to bring high performance imaging to Fortem counter-drone security systems

Fortem today announced a partnership with Bosch to bring high-performance imaging to its counter-drone security platforms. Bosch will be introducing its high-resolution camera systems with in-built video analytics to the Fortem SkyDome platform. Fortem has already deployed several of the Bosch enabled SkyDome systems to sports and events arenas to prevent misuse of drones. Fortem Technologies CEO, Timothy Bean, said of the partnership: “Much of the airspace above outdoor venues and campuses is virtually unprotected. “Fortem solves that problem today. We’re excited to fuse our existing SkyDome's air-to-air video capability with Bosch’s ground-to-air video cameras, as this is yet another example
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Government to ‘modernise’ airspace improving drone use

The UK government has set out its plan to modernise airspace to make the use of drone technology safer. The Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill set out by the government will provide the Transport Secretary with new powers to force airports to modernise their airspace. Alongside providing police further powers to reduce illegal drone use, the new bill will attempt to improve the integration of drones into current air traffic. The government sees the new bill as an instrumental step in its attempts to ensure that professional drone operators, business and emergency services can harness the benefits of
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AeroDefense drone detection to be used at MetLife Stadium

AeroDefense has revealed that it will provide its drone detection system to the MetLife Stadium to improve drone safety during events. The MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets NFL teams as well as numerous concerts and sporting events, has selected AeroDefense’s AirWarden Drone and Pilot Detection, Location and Alert System to provide warnings for drones entering the stadium. The system operates using radio frequencies to detect where both the drone and the controller are in order to notify the MetLife Stadium security. Daniel DeLorenzi, vice president security & safety services at the MetLife Stadium,
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AirMap and Raytheon partner to improve drone integration and safety with air traffic controllers

AirMap and Raytheon have partnered to integrate AirMap’s unmanned aerial systems montoring capabilities into a prototype of Raytheon’s air traffic controller workstation. AirMap, a leading airspace intelligence platform for drones, and Raytheon Company unveiled a virtual demonstration of the integration this past weekend at the Air Traffic Control Association’s 2019 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. The UAS monitor has been integrated into Raytheon’s next-generation workstation known as Multi-platform ATC Re-hosting Solution, or MARS. The MARS display now offers air traffic controllers real time remote identification, airspace authorization and dynamic geofencing, improving the safety of drone integration. Raytheon intelligence, information and
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Government to issue police with new detention and disruption equipment to combat illegal drone use

The government will issue police with new detention and disruption equipment as part of its strategy regarding the criminal use of UAVs, The Times has reported. The strategy also includes the development of an international set of standards for manufacturers, which aims to ensure that all drones are fitted with safety features. The news follows the announcement of air traffic management legislation in the Queen’s Speech last week, which will give police more powers to stop and search suspected drone users. The legislation, which will come into effect at the end of November, requires all operators of drones weighing more than 250g
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