Drone operator cuffed after flying into Barclays’ HQ

A pilot has been handcuffed trying to retrieve his drone after crashing into Barclays’ New York headquarters. The operator, named as Steven Frunes, was controlling the device from his hotel balcony. His drone was hovering over Christmas shoppers in the busy Times Square on Sunday when he lost control and crashed into the eighth floor at around 4:30pm. According to the New York Post, the building was not damaged and the drone was quickly recovered by the security team. Frunes was arrested when going to get his drone and was issued a desk appearance ticket for navigation in and over
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Panel says purchase of Chinese tech could leave US vulnerable to security breach

A congressional advisory panel in the US has said the purchase of internet-linked tech manufactured in China leaves the US vulnerable to security breaches. In its annual report last week, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said the lack of security could leave critical infrastructure at risk. The review went on to warn of dangers to the US government and private sector from a reliance on global supply chains linked to China. This warning explicitly links to the importation of DJI drones, purchase of which was suspended for a short time earlier this year until a cybersecurity risk assessment
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Yellowstone investigating illegal drone photo

Yellowstone National Park officials say they are investigating a photo taken by drone in one of its parks which has been posted online. The organisation claims the photo is of one of the park’s geothermal features and is therefore illegal. Drones are banned in Yellowstone along many other parks across the United States and violation of the ban is a misdemeanour with a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $5,000 (£3,899) fine. The National Park Service says the reason behind the rules is that drones can harass wildlife and the noise is a nuisance to visitors.
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Drone pilot fined for first time in UK after near ‘catastrophic’ collision with police helicopter

A drone pilot in the UK has become the first to be fined for interfering in police operations after he flew his device into the path of a rescue helicopter. The DJI Phantom interfered with a search and rescue mission looking for a missing woman near the River Nene in Cambridgeshire. Sergej Miaun was found guilty of making unsafe drone flight at Peterborough Magistrates Court last Friday. The court heard how the police pilot had to take ‘evasive action’ after Mr Miaun flew his drone underneath the helicopter. According to a report from the South West News Service, Mr Miaun
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Man reported to Scottish authorities after flying drone over football match

Police in Scotland have received reports of a man who flew his drone over a football game this weekend. Officials at the match between Abroath and Montrose said they considered stopping the match. According to a report by the BBC, the drone pilot was traced to a nearby location and was subsequently reported to the procurator fiscal. David McIntosh, chief inspector for Angus Police working on the case, told the BBC: "Flying drones without the appropriate training, experience or license can be hazardous, no more so than over a crowded area such as a football match or concert.” He added:
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