Lancashire Police drone unit locates offender after pursuit

Lancashire Police Tactical Operations division reported that its drone team aided in locating an offender following a pursuit in Blackburn. Through the use of infrared imaging, the drone team was able to uncover the location of the offender following reports of two people having made off from their car after a chase. The drone team at Lancashire Police used an Aeryon SkyRanger equipped with a thermal camera for the pursuit. The Lancashire Police team took to Twitter to unveil thermal imaging from the drone showing the situation as it unfolded.
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Government to ‘modernise’ airspace improving drone use

The UK government has set out its plan to modernise airspace to make the use of drone technology safer. The Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill set out by the government will provide the Transport Secretary with new powers to force airports to modernise their airspace. Alongside providing police further powers to reduce illegal drone use, the new bill will attempt to improve the integration of drones into current air traffic. The government sees the new bill as an instrumental step in its attempts to ensure that professional drone operators, business and emergency services can harness the benefits of
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Drone ends fugitive’s 17 years on-the-run

A drone has spotted a man who was in hiding, ending his 17 years on-the-run. Police in south-West china used a drone to find the cave he was using as a hideout. According to a report from the BBC, the 63-year old, named Song Jiang, had been jailed for trafficking women and children but escaped from a prison camp in 2002. He had been living in a tiny cave cut off from human interaction for years. The report went on to detail how Yongshan police received clues about Song's whereabouts in early September. Those clues led them to the mountains
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WhiteFox secures intellectual property to advance drone security work

WhiteFox has acquired the assets and key personnel of an East Coast headquartered company. The acquisition means WhiteFox can expand product lines and says it could also ensure continued technological leadership in the drone security industry. Luke Fox, founder and CEO of WhiteFox, said: “This acquisition is a significant leap forward for WhiteFox, and cements our position as the global leader in airspace security. Our mission is to ensure drones will enhance our quality of life, by providing an ecosystem in which drones can be securely operated, detected, identified and, if necessary, mitigated.” The move is the latest in a
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Five country security summit calls for tech companies to prioritise public protection

Tech companies have been advised to prioritise the protection of their users and the wider public when designing services, the UK and international security partners have warned. In a meeting which focused on ‘emerging threats’, a theme which included drones as a category, senior ministers from the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to work together with industry to tackle a range of security threats. Newly-appointed home secretary Priti Patel joined the other representatives at the 2-day summit, known as the Five Country Ministerial. In a statement released on the Government’s website, the Home
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