FAA investigating drone over Red Sox game

The FAA in the US is looking into a drone which flew over a Boston Red Sox game on Thursday. Officials for the famous Baseball side reported that they saw a drone fly over the field during the action against Toronto. According to a report from Reuters, footage aired on TV showed the drone hovering over the playing field. The club has since confirmed it reported the incident to the Boston Police Department for investigation. In a statement made on Friday, the manufacturer said the drone looked like a DJI Phantom. The US unit of DJI said: “We are trying
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Chinese police turn to drones in bid to tackle illegal gambling

Police in China have started to deploy drones in a move to tackle illegal gambling in the country. According to Chinese media outlet People’s Daily Online, the drones are used as a means of surveillance. They act as eyes in the sky for the authorities and inspect the landscape in the hunt for gamblers. The technology can be used to identify well-hidden gambling houses allowing the police to carry out a raid. The report went on to confirm that since last year, law enforcement has led raids on a number of mobile casinos with the assistance of UAVs in an
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VIDEO: Drone helps Lincs Police contain wanted person on the run

Officers within the Lincolnshire Police force have again used drone technology to help with their efforts to fight crime. On Sunday evening the drone team took to social media to show how a drone had been used to contain a man on the run from police. As part of the tweet, the force described how it had used its drone with FLIR thermal technology in order to quickly deploy and assist the team on the ground. Following a house search the police successfully caught the wanted person. View the video released by Lincolnshire Police's drone team here:
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