Rival Kit seals deal on IUDRO contract for 2020 season

Rival Kit has won the contract to supply sports kit to IUDRO registered universities ahead of the 2020 season. The Edinburgh-based start-up has made the commitment in good time ahead of the start of the season, when the National Championships take place in March 2020. Commenting on the news, Alejandro Perez-Llabata, chief executive of IUDRO, said: “We’re very happy to award Rival Kit with the Season’s contract, because of their perspective on the market and what they bring to the table; eco-friendly and ethically produced items, at student-friendly prices.” Adding: “The UK National Championships will attract universities from the UK
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New incubated Livox LIDAR tech among DJI product portfolio showcase at CES 2020

DJI has taken its wide product and solutions portfolio to CES 2020, including its full drone lineup, handheld Imaging systems along with introducing Livox. Livox Technology Company Limited is an independent company and says it hopes to 'revolutionize' the LIDAR sensor industry. Backed by DJI’s deep expertise in sensor innovation and hardware manufacturing, Livox is introducing two new sensors that offers a new scanning method to deliver better sensing performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional LIDAR units. By making LIDAR easier and more affordable to integrate into products and applications, Livox sensors will look to enable new
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