EXCLUSIVE: Riegl to push LiDAR systems further into UAV market in 2019

Riegl, an Austrian-based laser scanning firm, is urging the UAV market to better understand the benefits of LiDAR systems in 2019. Speaking exclusively to CDP at the Commercial UAV Show in London last week, Philipp Amon, business division manager for unmanned laser scanning, described how LiDAR was important in the UAV market as it can do things photogrammetry cannot. He said: “Seeing existing and new clients this week has allowed us to showcase to them what sensors we have new on the market and highlight how important it is to get LiDAR into the UAV industry because still a lot
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EXCLUSIVE: DJI VP calls on drone professionals to have input on regulation and labels UK as “friendly place for drones”

DJI’s vice president for policy and legal affairs has called on drone pilots in the UK to get involved with local and regional governments on regulation and legislation. In an exclusive interview with CDP at AirWorks, Brendan Schulman stressed how important it was for users to show the good they are doing with drones. Schulman, a prominent drone and aviation lawyer before he began his work at DJI, said: “I think we are doing well but it’s a lot of hard work and effort but of course it is always helpful to have the actual users engaged and talking to
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EXCLUSIVE: Cornwall drone company sets eyes on the future following business award nomination

Bad Wolf Horizon-8203
Tom Wadsworth, director at Badwolf Horizon, has been shortlisted for two awards in the West Morning News Business Awards next month. The company has been nominated for ‘Best Digital Innovation in Tourism’ and ‘Digital Rising Star’ in the awards set to be hosted at Crowne Plaza in Plymouth on November 22. Speaking exclusively to Commercial Drone Professional, Wadsworth is hoping the exposure from the awards will help take his company to an international level. He said: “We are continuously developing this technology. We analyse the feedback from clients and viewers from every flight we complete, in order to see how
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