EXCLUSIVE: Providers out to sell a PfCO “big dream” major challenge for drone training, says Heliguy manager

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Heliguy’s training manager, Ben Shirley, thinks providers out to sell a PfCO big dream are a major challenge for the training industry in the UK. Speaking to CDP as part of this month’s special report, Shirley commented on how openness and honesty are the best policies. Responding to a question on the challenges the industry faces, he explained: “On the first point, there are some training providers out there who sell a big dream about the PfCO and overexaggerate what it can do for you - often placing too much hype on the qualification itself, instead of emphasising the hard
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SPECIAL REPORT: Training in the Drone Industry

As part of the exclusive monthly special report series, CDP has taken a look into training in the drone industry. As part of the second edition of the year, CDP speaks to a select group of training providers and delves into the market. In conversation with iRed, Heliguy, RUAS and UAV8, Commercial Drone Professional discovers the latest goings on in the sector and what challenges they see. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REPORT The forms the latest in a series of exclusive special reports. See them all here: https://www.commercialdroneprofessional.com/exclusive-cdp-kicks-off-monthly-special-reports-with-drone-innovation-focus/
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Why does uAvionix think Bluetooth is a bad idea for drone remote ID?

uAvionix president Christian Ramsey is insisting that when it comes to drone remote ID, Bluetooth is a bad idea. His concern, he says, lies in the dependency on Bluetooth as the concepts in the proposal are based upon the idea first introduced at Open Drone ID, which leverage the Bluetooth ‘advertisement’ messages which can convey a small amount of data without establishing a paired connection like we are used to doing with our headphones or vehicles. Ramsey explains: “Will it work technically? There are some small-scale demos that have demonstrated the functionality. Will it work at scale in a high
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