Japan’s NEC Corp demo of passenger drone surpasses one minute in the air

Japan’s NEC Corp has edged closer to the development of passenger drones after a demo of its people-carrying quadcopter managed to stay in the air for one minute. The company’s battered powered drone rose to a height of about 10 feet for around 60 seconds during the trial inside a safety cage at a test facility in Abiko in Tokyo. The NEC drone weighs about 150 kilograms and is around 3.9 metres long, 3.7 metres wide and 1.3 metres tall, with still major steps to overcome before it is able to carry passenger weight. Under Japan's infrastructure plan, deliveries made
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Skymagic delivers drone light show at Zurich Festival

Skymagic has delivered a drone light show at this year's Zurich Festival, performing across the weekend in front of over a million spectators. The firm was invited by the country's leading renewable energy provider, EWZ, to design and deliver a bespoke show, telling their story of a company at the forefront of sustainability who have powered the Festival since 1951. Skymagic put on a synchronised swarm of 150 drones, which were launched directly from a floating pontoon in the middle of the lake that was custom built by the festival exclusively for the drone show. The opening scene saw the
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DJI launches ‘most secure drone solution to date’ for use in high security situations

Government Edition
DJI has launched a new comprehensive drone solution intended for use by global government agencies in high-security situations. DJI Government Edition has been designed to comply with the government sector’s stringent requirements regarding data management, risk mitigation, and enterprise-level data sharing control. Its unique architecture ensures that drone data – including photos and videos captured during flight – never leave the drone and can therefore never be shared with unauthorised parties including DJI. The company’s vice president and regional manager of North America, Mario Rebello, said: “DJI Government Edition allows government agencies to serve the public more efficiently and effectively
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Amazon to offer ‘home surveillance drones’ following patent approval

Amazon has been granted approval for a patent that will see the tech giant deliver drones capable of carrying out home surveillance. The patent, which was first applied for by Amazon in 2015, was approved on June 4. Although the plans remain in the early stages, the patent suggests that in the future users will be able to order drones to perform tasks such as checking for doors left open and broken windows when they are away from their home. In cases where something suspect is found, a message or phone call would then be sent to the homeowner and
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World’s first universal drone solutions platform takes spotlight at Terra Drone Global Summit

Terra edit
Terra Drone Corporation concluded its first global summit in early March with a focus on developing the roadmap for a universal drone solutions platform. The three-day summit was attended by the top executives of Terra Drone group companies from over 20 countries in Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. The universal drone solutions platform developed by Terra Drone will place these group companies in an elite pool of the world’s leading drone technology solutions providers, opening up new roads for collaboration and customer acquisition. With an aim to facilitate the growth of the drone industry as a whole, the platform
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