Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tests drones in power line inspections

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) has completed transmission power line inspections using drones in collaboration with AiRXOS and the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). The inspections were carried out on the Pittsburg-Valliant 345-kilovolt transmission at a CNO-owned property in the southeast of the state as part of the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP). These recent inspections have focused on safe, automated flights that make use of visual observers and data capture where future planned tests will incorporate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), without any visual observer in operation. Executive director of advance technology initiatives of Choctaw
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Volans-i first drone delivery company awarded Argus Gold Rating

Pitch the Press IMG
Argus has revealed that Volans-i has become the first drone delivery company to be awarded the Argus Gold Unmanned Operator rating. The California-based drone delivery business specialises in building and operating long-range, high-payload drones for commercial, defence and humanitarian applications. Argus president and CEO, Joseph Moeggenberg, said: “Volans-i has an incredible model to meet the expanding market for autonomous on-demand drone delivery and it will be fascinating to both watch and support their mission as they grow. “It is easy to overlook safety in rapidly evolving industries such as this one. Taking an active role in managing risk by participating
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UPS and CVS complete landmark first drone prescription delivery

The UPS and CVS partnership has completed its first prescription deliveries via drone, successfully flying medication from the pharmacy directly to the customer’s home. The deliveries were completed on November 1, 2019, using the M2 drone system created by UPS in partnership with Matternet. The flights launched from a CVS in Cary, before flying autonomously, while being monitored by a remote operator, and completing delivery at two separate destinations including a retirement home. The drone then hovered 20 feet over the delivery destination before lowering the prescription to the ground via a cable and winch system. CVS Pharmacy president, Kevin
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Dedrone unveils the latest version of its counter-drone tech

Dedrone has released the latest version of its DroneTracker allowing for the integration of new technology to further boost the security of protected airspace. The DroneTracker 4.1 allows the most advanced radar and camera systems to be integrated, boosting the range as well as allowing for autonomous drones to be detected. DroneTracker 4.1 detects RF, WiFi and non-WiFi UAV’s through the Dedrone RF-100 and RF-300, determining the manufacturer, model and flight time of a drone before triggering countermeasures and alerts to ensure to maintain security in protected airspace. Dedrone co-founder and CEO, Joerg Lamprecht, said: "All counter-drone technology programs must
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Altitude Angel reveals in-flight collision warning system

Altitude Angel has expanded its Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) with tech that helps operators and unmanned drones to ‘deal with the unexpected’ mid-flight. The unmanned traffic management provider has announced that it will introduce Tactical Deconfliction service API, providing data on potential in-air conflicts to pilots and drones in real-time. The new Tactical CRS will provide alternative flight plans in real-time based upon other drones in the area allowing pilots to avoid in-air collisions. Altitude Angel hopes that the new Tactical CRS will help mitigate drones’ inability to manage obstacles such as manned aircraft, other drones and closed airspaces by
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UAVOS successfully tests modified high-altitude drone

UAVOS has announced the completion of a successful test flight of its modified ApusDuo solar-powered high-altitude platform system (HAPS). ApusDuo’s design has been modified to increase reliability and decrease overall weight. Improvements include an increased wingspan and better control algorithms that reduce power consumption. The modified prototype comes with a wingspan of 28 meters and a payload capacity of 8kg and is designed to act as a telecommunications platform, delivering global connectivity. UAVOS CEO, Aliaksei Stratsilatau, said: “UAVOS demonstrated a flight of ApusDuo aircraft with a wingspan of 9000m in August 2018. “Following lower-altitude test flights and other preoperational activities,
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Intel’s drone tech illuminates night skies

Intel Corporation flies 2,018 Intel Shooting Star drones over it
Intel’s Shooting Star Drones have been bringing magic to the skies over Universal Studios Hollywood in a new night-time experience. The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle projection show culminates in a spectacular light show as drones, powered by Intel’s technology, form a stag in the sky. The show launched earlier this year and includes a range of effects including projection mapping before the seamless integration of Intel’s drones, which synchronise to form complex shapes in the sky. The Harry Potter-themed show marks one of the more magical forays Intel has made into the world of drone technology. The Shooting
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Drones light up the sky at Air Force Academy

Creating an animation of a U.S. Air Force jet, Intel Shooting St
Intel put on a spectacular drone light show in collaboration with the US Air Force Academy in Colorado on Friday 1st November. The hardware giant made use of its Shooting Star drone technology to ensure that, under the cover of darkness, the only thing viewers could see was the spectacular light formations of over 500 drones on display. Shooting Star allows drones to be synchronised to perform complex aerial choreography presenting images of everything from aliens to UFOs before culminating in a tribute to the Air Force Academy. Air Force cadets were involved in the setup and testing of the
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Innovative drone tech wins at Commercial UAV Expo 2019

Pitch the Press IMG
Three companies were chosen as the winners of the ‘Pitch the Press’ event at the Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 for their innovative drone technology. Agrowing, A2Z and SolSpec were all winners at this year’s show, with their ground-breaking products singled out for praise. Agrowing, creator of a pioneering AI-enabled, 12 narrow band multispectral sensor, was among the winners, with the panel of judges recogniseing the system’s ability to examine assets in a wide range of spectral bands providing users with specific visual data. Delivery innovator A2Z was also among the winners, with its tethered mechanism for dropping packages, allowing
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