UK-based 5kg payload project breaks 60 minute flight time target

Project RACHEL has beaten its original test flight target of 60 minutes with a 5kg payload. Supported by Innovate UK, the team involved in the trialling hope the flight can help set a new benchmark for flight time and payload in the commercial UAV industry. The UAV, which is powered by an Intelligent Energy lightweight hydrogen fuel cell power module, achieved a 70 minute continuous flight time, a feat the team was proud of. Led by venture engineering company Productiv on behalf of BATCAM, the project is expected to be completed in early 2019 with BATCAM carrying out real-world end-user
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Local council considers drone to deal with seagull pest problem

Councillors in Cheltenham are looking at deploying a drone to act as a deterrent against pest seagulls in the local area. The UAV would be used to go across the town’s skyline and spot rooftop nests which would then be targeted by other prevention methods, one of which is to oil eggs to prevent them from hatching. According to a report from Gloucester Live, seagulls nesting on rooftops are causing some residents to have sleepless nights. Following the initial proposal, a council working group has subsequently come up with a series of recommendations to put to Cheltenham Borough Council's cabinet
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Drones potential answer to Great Wall of China preservation worries

Drones have been called in to help the effort towards saving the Great Wall of China. The UAVs are able to assess places on the wall which were previously completely cut off. This means the people working on restoring the 13,000 mile fortification can gain a better understanding of the task before them. A report carried out by BBC News shows how the drones are being used to evaluate building patterns and find out if there are any structural faults which need to be managed. Zhao Peng, a Great Wall architect, told the BBC: “Some sections of the wall are
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Drone flies for over an hour to complete first unmanned kidney delivery

Researchers at the University of Maryland carried out a test which saw a drone successfully deliver a kidney by air. The UAV flew for over an hour as part of the test and delivered the organ which, after testing, was still in perfect condition for a transplant if needed. The team used a kidney which was good enough for testing but not quite fit for a real life human patient. The drone used for the mission was a DJI M600 Pro, chosen because its six motors sit directly under their rotors, keeping heat away from the HOMAL, the specialist device
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