New drone camera system developed to help search inside buildings

A new camera system that aids in the search and rescue of people trapped inside buildings by allowing operators to see inside high rise buildings has been revealed. The new WideSee system was developed in collaboration between engineers at the University of Leeds, University of Massachusetts and Northwest University in Xi’an China. WideSee has been designed for use by emergency workers to aid in the rescue of those trapped inside high rise buildings. Researchers say that the prototype device is capable of scanning deep into a building by using long-range radio waves, which can penetrate concrete walls. Dr Zheng Wang,
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Riegl unveil new video of rail mapping system

Riegl has revealed a new look at its VMX-Rail triple scanner mobile mapping system in a new video. The scanner system allows for the most efficient capture of accurate, dense and feature-rich data. The Riegl VMX-RAIL was designed for rail applications including surveying, track and infrastructure monitoring, clash detection as well as railway planning and engineering. The new video shows the scanner system in action, with its detailed and accurate data scanning system, rugged measuring-head and three VUX-1HA High Accuracy Laser Scanners. The system also has, what the company describes as, a unique crossed point cloud pattern and a
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