Moonrock Insurance partners with Flyability to offer exclusive tailored service

Moonrock Insurance has teamed up with Flyability to offer Elios pilots a tailored insurance service. The insurance plan from the partnership has been designed with confined space work in mind. Simon Ritterband, managing director at Moonrock Insurance, thinks the partnership shows how his firm understands the needs of commercial drone pilots in a fast-changing industry. Commenting on the new scheme, he said: “The ability of Elios drones to fly in previously inaccessible places is an exciting development for the commercial use of drones. We are very pleased to partner with Flyability to offer commercial pilots using Elios drones an exclusive
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Flock gives industry insight on its short term insurance trends

London-based insurance firm Flock has given industry insight on the trends it sees from its short term insurance offering. The company, which launched in January, provides its short-term plans via a mobile app called Flock Cover. In its eight month of operation, Flock has found that on average, Drone pilots compare around 15 different risk dependent quotes before signing up for a policy. Flock analyses hyperlocal weather data and environmental variables when preparing a quote, alongside static information such as the drone pilot’s profile. It then puts its data through a group of algorithms to calculate a flight risk metric
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SkyWatch announces new partnerships with Drone Harmony and Map Pilot

SkyWatch, a data analysis, risk-assessment and insurtech platform for the drone industry, announced today its integration with Drone Harmony and Maps Made Easy. The integration will allow Drone Harmony’s pilots to share planned flights with the SkyWatch platform and get instant insurance based on the flight area. Additionally, partnership with Map Pilot will enable users to purchase and manage on-demand insurance based on the flight area they are planning to survey. Flight telemetry is uploaded to the SkyWatch platform to analyse flight risk, and pilots are rewarded with lower insurance rates for practicing safe flight. Martin Fuchsberger, co-founder and CEO
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