DJI pledges $1.5m to aid Coronavirus outbreak

As part of the international effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, DJI has pledged $1.5m in aid to help contain the outbreak. In a report on its website, DJI also confirmed that its adapted Agras series of agricultural spraying drones have been used to spray disinfectant in potentially affected areas. After rounds of research and testing, teams developed best practices for spraying a chlorine or ethyl alcohol-based disinfectant from the air. The concentration of the solution as well as flight guidelines can be modified for different circumstances, such as whether an area is known to be infected or
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Karma firmware fix released by GoPro

GoPro has released new firmware to enable its Karma users to take flight once again. Announcing the news on the company website, it also gave details on how to exactly update the firmware. This comes after a number of users reporting that their drone had been grounded due to what they think is some sort of GPS glitch. In response to this, GoPro released a statement which said: “If you’ve been unable to fly your Karma over the last few days, fear not. We’ve identified the cause and a fix is in the works. Our engineering team is testing a
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