Swiss Army selects Parrot for micro-drone supply

Parrot has been chosen to equip the Swiss Armed Forces with micro-drones as part of the "Swiss Mini UAV Program" call for tender against major civilian UAV players. Announcing the news, Parrot says its expertise in professional drones, the performance of its solutions dedicated to Defence and Security, and the high level of cyber security required by the Swiss armed forces were decisive assets in the final choice. The call for tender launched at the beginning of 2019 by armasuisse, the federal procurement agency responsible for the Swiss Armed Forces. It is intended to get the right cost-effective training aids
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US Navy uses commercial drone to resupply submarine

The US Navy has successfully resupplied one of its submarines using a commercial drone. A small, four-rotor UAV was used to resupply the USS Hawaii, according to a report by Forbes. The resupply mission took place just a mile off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii and saw the drone deliver a payload of circuit cards, medical supplies and food. Future missions could see the drones equipped to deliver a range of payloads from medical supplies to replacement parts. Using UAVs over larger, manned helicopters presents a range of benefits including cost-saving, pilot safety and freeing up helicopters for larger missions.
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RedTail LiDAR reveals innovative 3D mapping tech

RedTail LiDAR Systems RTL-400 Drone
Innovative new 3D mapping tech is set to aid small drones in providing high-resolution images of objects on the ground from up to 400 feet. RedTail LiDAR Systems is set to unveil its innovative new mapping system that uses tech licenced from the US Army Research Laboratory. The system, named the RTL-400, utilises a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirror-based laser scanner to map out small objects from high altitudes by distributing laser pulses rapidly and accurately over the ground. The technology company, a division of 4D Tech Solutions, Inc., claims that the system boasts unprecedented resolution thanks to the laser pulse
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