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Dedrone introduces radio frequency sensor for sUAS detection

Dedrone RF-160 Sensor
Dedrone has released its radio frequency sensor, the Dedrone RF-160 for sUAS detection and threat migration. The RF-160 is an upgraded version of the company's RF sensor, the RF-100, and includes new and advanced features such as increased detection range, streamlined installation process, and integrated LTE. The RF-160 quantifies how many drones are in the user's airspace and provides early detection of drones. Dedrone also manufactures the RF-300, which provides localization and tracking of sUAS. The RF-160 is available for order today and will begin delivery in March 2020. New features of the RF-160 include LTE integration for fast installation
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UAVOS successfully tests modified high-altitude drone

UAVOS has announced the completion of a successful test flight of its modified ApusDuo solar-powered high-altitude platform system (HAPS). ApusDuo’s design has been modified to increase reliability and decrease overall weight. Improvements include an increased wingspan and better control algorithms that reduce power consumption. The modified prototype comes with a wingspan of 28 meters and a payload capacity of 8kg and is designed to act as a telecommunications platform, delivering global connectivity. UAVOS CEO, Aliaksei Stratsilatau, said: “UAVOS demonstrated a flight of ApusDuo aircraft with a wingspan of 9000m in August 2018. “Following lower-altitude test flights and other preoperational activities,
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UAVOS introduces LiDAR Mapping UAV at Las Vegas show

UAVOS has announced the unique UVH-25EL unmanned helicopter, specially designed for commercial industries and data capturing applications using LiDAR system as an all-in-one 3D mapping device. Fully automatic, compact and lightweight the UVH -25EL is equipped with an electric engine unit and features a flight endurance of up to 1.5 hours when mounted with a payload of 5 kg. UAVOS describes the UVH-25EL as an ideal platform for highly accurate Light Distance and Ranging (LiDAR) sensing capabilities with integrated high resolution cameras, dramatically increasing the precision, efficiency and cost effectiveness of surveying and 3D mapping. Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS CEO, said:
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Car maker Lexus unveils futuristic luggage-carrying drone

Lexus has unveiled the first look at a futuristic drone designed to carry your luggage onboard its new electric car concept. As part of the reveal of the LF-30 electrified concept car, Lexus teased the Lexus Airporter, an autonomous drone that will assist the owners of its space-age car. A statement read: “Autonomous driving and drone support vehicle technologies look ahead to 2030 and the greatly expanded value vehicles will be able to offer.” The reveal of the Lexus Airporter follows Ford patenting a “vehicle-integrated drone” that would automatically deploy from cars and trucks in the event of an
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