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UAVenture set to launch new vision-based guidance system with Daedalean

UAVenture and Daedalean have published a teaser video announcing a new guidance system for professional UAVs. The system is called Magpie and provides AI-powered functions including vision based identification of emergency landing sites during flight, as well as visual navigation that helps sustain GPS outages. The companies say Magpie is able to operate without pre-surveying of the area and recognise dynamic obstacles on the ground and is the result of the two companies collaborating 18 months ago. The product will be available soon for the users of AirRails, UAVenture’s flight control system for professional drones. See the video here:
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Interdrone: Yuneec kicks off 2019 show with new consumer-focused Mantis G

Yuneec has released a new consumer drone at Interdrone 2019 in Las Vegas. Aimed at people wanting to add drone content to social media channels, the Yuneec 4K foldable drone, which will be presented at this month's Interdrone, enables users to add creativity to their work. The latest model in the Mantis series features a gimbal-stabilised camera to ensure smooth recordings up to 4K With the longest flight time in its class, the Mantis G stays in the air for up to 33 minutes before it lands automatically, where it can be folded. One of the new features is Waypoint
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Parrot puts pilots in cockpit with ANAFI FPV

Parrot has released its ANAFI FPV, a product it says will offer live, immersive video from its 180-degree tilting camera. To deliver the experience, the FPV relies on a combination of hardware and intuitive software. The brand-new FPV interface in FreeFlight 6.6 is a streamlined heads-up display (HUD) with an immersive, unobstructed view of your aerial acrobatics which highlights any safety or geofencing alerts in direct field of view. The main FPV HUD shows contextual information, such as flight speed, direction, altitude and drone location but can be minimalised if needed. As part of the release, two new flight presets
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