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Altitude Angel launches UTM conflict resolution service in ‘world first’

Altitude Angel has announced it is to launch the world’s first UTM ‘conflict resolution service’ as an API. The company says that in doing so, it has taken a huge step towards allowing automated drone flights to become a day-to-day reality. Using the service, Altitude Angel detailed that it gives the pilot or operator the ability to securely check for conflicts in their drone flights quickly and easily, using the firm’s tried-and-trusted safety technology. Available via Altitude Angel’s developer platform and powered by its GuardianUTM operating system services, the Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) addresses some of the key risks which
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Kittyhawk completes FAA onboarding process to unveil LAANC 2.0

Kittyhawk has introduced LAANC 2.0 after the completion of the official FAA onboarding process. It means Kittyhawk will now offer the latest FAA data sources, rules and requirements packaged into one workflow to its enterprise customers and mobile app users across the platform. As part of the upgrade, Kittyhawk now offers LAANC authorizations from its desktop web application and from Android application, including Crystal Sky. The company detailed how the introduction of LAANC to Android is regarded as a major milestone. Also, anyone on the platform can once again apply for auto-approval of LAANC authorizations up to 90 days in
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uAvionix launches ForeFlight support for SkyEcho 2

uAvionix has confirmed the recent ForeFlight Europe release supports SkyEcho 2 FLARM receiver functionality. SkyEcho 2 is the latest version of the uAvionix popular CAP1391 SkyEcho Electronic Conspicuity (EC) ADS-B IN and OUT solution for UK VFR aircraft. It can also be configured as an ADS-B OUT solution in the UK, or as an ADS-B IN and FLARM receiver only for use elsewhere within the EU. uAvionix says ForeFlight 11.5 now offers pilots flying in Europe the option to display FLARM traffic data from the SkyEcho 2 when FLARM traffic appears on ForeFlight’s map just like ADS-B traffic, with basic
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