KPMG outlines considerations for business in “challenging financial climate”

KPMG’s head of restructuring and outlined a number of considerations facing business directors in the current situation. Described as a “challenging financial climate,” Blair Nimno, head of restructuring in the UK, said liquidity was the number one issue. He explained: “In the current environment of dramatically falling consumer demand and great uncertainty, those running the UK’s businesses will wish they had all the answers – but the truth is no one does. The best way to be armed for the challenges of now and beyond is contingency planning. “Forecasting, cash preservation, engaging with funders and other stakeholders and accessing government
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Embention optimises TS150 tether drone to assist agents in coronavirus fight

Embention is enhancing its TS150 Tethered Drone to help security officers to effectively control the spread of the virus, avoiding the exposure of our professionals to risk. Due to the international situation of alarm, the Spanish-based firm says it is in the process of optimising one of its best-known drones, the TS150. The TS150 is a Tether Drone that can be in continuous flight for days, with no need to land to replace batteries or refuel. Usually, it is mainly used in surveillance tasks in different areas and environments. With this update, it will be able to carry out support
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UAE to emerge as world leader in using drones, predicts Falcon Eye

Falcon Eye Drones Services, a middle eastern-based company, has predicted the UAE will emerge as the world leader in using drone capabilities. It explained how the speed of the initiative of government agencies in the UAE to use the capabilities of the drone to speed up the fight against the coronavirus has confirmed the region’s proactive approach. Rabih Bou Rashid, CEO of FEDS, said: "The rapid spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has played a vital role in accelerating the adoption of the drone in a growing list of unconventional tasks, which is what we have witnessed in the UAE, which
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ARPAS co-ordinates national Covid-19 drone capability taskforce

ARPAS-UK is coordinating a national Covid-19 drone capability taskforce for the drone industry. In a media release, ARPAS explained how it is working hard behind the scenes to push the capabilities of the drone industry at this time. The organisation says it is making sure that Government departments are reminded of the expertise and capabilities of the drone community in the UK. The release said: “Whilst we are considering several areas where drones could be used, we are particularly looking to relieve the current and future stress on resources in the Emergency Services. “We are also looking at areas such
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