Drones deployed in Djibouti for flood damage mitigation and port inspection

Terra Drone Europe has successfully completed a high-resolution photogrammetric pavement assessment using a multirotor drone at Djibouti’s key port of Doraleh. Across five days, the aerial survey was accompanied by detailed inspections of the quay walls and the sea defence revetments at the Doraleh harbor. The data acquired will be used in conjunction with previously-collected bathymetric data, by Deep B.V., to offer a holistic view of the condition of the port from both above and below the waterline. With the survey, it is hoped that Djibouti will be able to identify the high and low spots of the harbour pavements.
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France considers night drones to help authorities tackle border crime 

France is considering the use of drones at night to tackle organised crime gangs running people-smuggling operations. The drones would be deployed to patrol the French northern coast to fight against the illegal operations using small boast. According to The National, the news comes after home secretary and prime ministerial hopeful Sajid Javid spoke with French minister of interior Christophe Castaner on Friday. 74 migrants on eight boats were reportedly intercepted by authorities the previous weekend which sparked the demands for action from within his party. Mr Javid commented: “The suggestion from Minister Castaner to mobilise additional coastal patrols and
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Drone tech meets soldering iron in University workshops

CURPAS and Ersa have held two workshops titled ‘Drone meets Soldering Iron.’ The events were held at the University of Zielona Gora in Poland and at the Technical University in Chemnitz. The idea for the two workshops was first born during the CURPAS International Annual Conference in 2018 where Jörg Nolte, product manager soldering tools, rework and inspection systems, spoke to drone experts about solder joints for the first time. Dr. Christina Eisenberg, treasurer and network manager of the GRW network CURPAS, commented: “We discussed the topic of electronics in unmanned systems with Mr. Nolte right from the start. The
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