Altitude Angel wins contract to provide Dutch ANSP

Altitude Angel has been awarded the contract to provide Netherlands’ ANSP, Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL), with its first nationwide UTM platform. The news follows an “open and competitive” tender process.  The solution presented by Altitude Angel, which proved impossible to fault during the procurement process, will provide the Netherlands with a technically advanced, nationwide, UTM platform. Altitude Angel says it will be the foundation for safe integration of UAVs and further increase their use in Dutch airspace for years to come. With an initial three-year contract, Altitude Angel will provide several products and services to LVNL which will allow for the
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Why does uAvionix think Bluetooth is a bad idea for drone remote ID?

uAvionix president Christian Ramsey is insisting that when it comes to drone remote ID, Bluetooth is a bad idea. His concern, he says, lies in the dependency on Bluetooth as the concepts in the proposal are based upon the idea first introduced at Open Drone ID, which leverage the Bluetooth ‘advertisement’ messages which can convey a small amount of data without establishing a paired connection like we are used to doing with our headphones or vehicles. Ramsey explains: “Will it work technically? There are some small-scale demos that have demonstrated the functionality. Will it work at scale in a high
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ResponDrone set to hold ‘Design Thinking’ workshop for First Responders

ResponDrone are preparing to hold a ‘Design Thinking’ workshop for First Responders in Thessaloniki, Greece from November 12-13. Participants from regional and national authorities, state agencies, rescue services and fire departments will participate in the workshop aimed at identifying their needs for the future ResponDrone System. The international ResponDrone Project, which is developing a situational awareness system for emergency situations, and provides critical information and communication services to first responders, will bring together industrial, technological and end-user partners of the consortium. ResponDrone has started work on developing an integrated solution for first responders to operate a fleet of drones with
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