AeroVironment expands small UAS product line with Puma LE launch

AeroVironment has launched the Puma LE (Long Endurance), the next generation in its Puma All Environment small UAS product line. The company says Puma LE builds on the combat-proven Puma AE legacy with new capabilities which include increased range and expanded payload capacity. With the integrated Mantis i45 gimbaled EO/IR sensor and NVG-visible laser illuminator, AeroVironment says the Puma LE provides the warfighter with superior imagery for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) during day, night and low-light operations on land and in maritime environments. Delivering Group 2 capabilities in a Group 1 footprint, the aircraft weighs only 22.5 pounds (10.4
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Delair provides French Army with UX11

Delair has approached several units of the French Army to supply them with the Delair UX11 to be deployed around the world. The aim is for the systems to be deployed in complex industrial environments and in military and civilian security operations. The first systems were delivered at the end of September to several Special Forces operational units which, as a springboard for innovations and an operational laboratory, have naturally joined forces with its field evaluation. Bastien Mancini, co-founder and director, commented: “Delair UX11 is a simple, efficient and reliable system that is designed for demanding industrial environments that require
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Drone used to spot five more Elephant victims in Thailand waterfall deaths

A drone has spotted five more Elephant victims, taking the number of animals that died after falling down a waterfall in Thailand to 11. It is believed that the animals may have been trying to save a baby elephant that slipped over the edge. According to a report from the BBC, local authorities at the Khao Yai National Park in central Thailand initially spotted six dead elephants over the weekend. However, a drone has now spotted an additional five near the notorious fall known as Haew Narok. Drones are becoming increasingly successful tools for authorities looking for information in hard
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Anduril Industries launches counter-drone system

Anduril Industries The Interceptor
Anduril Industries has released the Interceptor drone as part of the Lattice AI cUAS (counter Unmanned Aerial System) solution. Developers say its aim is to detect and interdict unmanned aircraft or autonomous drone systems. This system uses Anduril technology to what it describes as the “increasingly critical counter-drone mission”, in order to provide an additional dimension of force protection for military personnel and installations or critical infrastructure. Whether seamlessly integrated with Lattice AI or manually cued, a human operator can verify targets and launch Interceptor drones to kill rotary or fixed-wing threats autonomously in any environment, day or night. Brian
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