Aero Drone School provides training for Indonesian mining corporations

terra drone indonesia
Aero Drone School, a unit of Terra Drone Indonesia, has successfully completed drone training for two of the country’s biggest mining corporations. The drone training was provided to PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara, which owns the second largest copper and gold mine in Indonesia, and PT Saptaindra Sejati, a leading coal mining contractor in the country. It was conducted on ground at actual mining sites to ensure participants get field orientation that suits their work. Terra Drone Indonesia also provided training materials that were specifically designed to meet the needs of mining operations, such as reclamation area surveys, volume calculations,
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Eramet signs framework agreement with Delair 

Eramet has signed a framework agreement with Delair to help accelerate the digitisation of its operational centres. It is hoped that Delair’s drone offering will allow Eramet to develop digital twins of its mining sites and, in turn, provide cloud and AI services. The strategic agreement will position digital intelligence at the core of the company’s growth, operational performance, and competitive edge. Currently, the agreement allows Eramet to access Delair Aerial Intelligence, a new collaborative platform for analyzing drone data and turning the results into valuable business insights. It is hoped that with the Delair end-to-end solution, Eramet will be
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Aussie deputy PM announces formal review commercial and recreational drone flying

Australia’s deputy prime minister has announced a formal review into the commercial and recreational flying of drones. In a statement, he said that while the Government had been considering noise issues since March, it had now decided to look at the technology on a formal level. According to a report by ABC News, the Department of Infrastructure updated its website this week claiming it has ‘formed the view’ that a range of drone operations require noise approvals following community backlash to a Google-backed Canberra trial. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority also detailed how the review "will consider the community noise
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Raytheon and Black Sage formally team up in counter-drone move

Raytheon Company and Black Sage have partnered through a formal teaming arrangement. The move will see the firms provide an integrated drone detection and mitigation system for civil authorities, critical infrastructure and military organizations around the world. Todd Probert, vice president of Raytheon intelligence, information and services, commented: “As we saw at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, drones operating inside commercial air corridors are posing a real challenge." He added: "And though Raytheon has developed a range of counter-drone systems, from missiles to lasers to high-powered microwaves, authorities also need a system that can safely stop and land a drone where
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Terra Drone India undertakes digital preservation of 16th century monument

Terra Drone India has successfully completed a multi-sensor, multi-platform scanning of internationally recognized landmark Charminar. Built in 1591, the monument, known as the ‘Arc de Triomphe of the East’, suffered significant damage in May 2019 when a huge chunk of lime-plaster from its south-west minaret broke and fell off. The incident made the digital preservation of Charminar extremely time-sensitive and important for the Indian government. Therefore, the IT department of Telangana state government invited Terra Drone India to provide innovative technological solutions for the digital preservation of Charminar. The firm scanned and surveyed the damaged minaret using multiple technologies. The
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