Percepto launches all-in-one aerial solution across Australia

Percepto solution
Percepto has launched its all-in-one aerial solution for autonomous security, safety and inspection missions in Australia. The firm confirmed the launch following the completion of a series of successful live mission demonstrations in Canberra. The tests were observed in the capital by a delegation representing government, defence and industry organisations from across the country. During the demonstration, Percepto conducted missions to highlight how its autonomous Sparrow drones can deliver across mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, port and sea terminal sectors. The Percepto Solution has been designed to deliver fully autonomous real-time human/vehicle detection and tracking, thermal inspection, gas/oil
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Drone solution considered for medicine delivery in Queensland outback

People in need of medicine in Queensland could soon have it delivered to them by drone. A Drones in Health Care think tank was held on Tuesday and the talks were reported to have been promising with regards to the future use of drones. A report from the Brisbane Times described how the RFDS head of clinical governance, Trent Dean, said the discussions gave them ‘plenty of ideas about what they could do in the near future.’ Mr Dean told the news outlet: “We looked at things like how can we use drones to deliver medication to remote properties, how
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SkyX Systems chosen by ATTSAR for long-range search missions

SkyX-Search – Rescue Missions Get Major Upgrade As SkyX Chosen B
Advanced Tactical Training Search & Rescue Division (ATTSAR) has chosen SkyX aerial systems for long-range search missions. ATTSAR described how SkyX’s systems of surpassing the usual given distance was a reason for the decision. A range of at least 65 miles, endurance up to an hour and a half, minimum speed of 40mph and maximum speed of 75mph and autonomous VTOL in SkyX’s offering were key features which ATTSAR outlined as important. William Bolton, senior trainer at ATTSAR, commented: “Search and rescue missions are high-pressure, time-sensitive moments where every second counts in increasing the chances that we'll find individuals safe
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