Boris Johnson orders UK-wide lockdown

Boris Johnson has ordered what is effectively a UK-wide lockdown. It comes after a number of media sources over the last few days showed how existing measures put in place over the past week were not being met by the British public. The Prime Minster has told people to stay at home, or they would face a fine but was tentative to actually describe the plans as "lockdown," something which Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon, who announced mirrored plans, did not shy away from. Johnson detailed how people will only be allowed to leave their home for the following very
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Dotterel Technologies secures Drone Fund investment

Drone Fund has confirmed that Drone Fund II, officially known as the Chiba Dojo Drone Fund Investment Limited Partnership, has invested in Dotterel Technologies. The fund, managed by Kotaro Chiba and Soki Ohmae in Tokyo, Japan, said it made the investment into Shaun Edlin’s New Zealand-based firm after looking at the “incredible benefit it can add to a future drone-enabled society.” Following the investment announcement, Drone Fund sat down with CEO Shaun Edlin to learn more about their solutions. Commenting on the company’s solutions, Edlin commented: “Dotterel develops noise reduction and aerial aud io recording solutions for UAVs. Our solutions
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Drone Safe Register offers helping hand to industry with stock accounts for PfCO holders

Drone Safe Register is offering free stock accounts to all PfCO holders to help during the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, Drone Safe Register owner, Mark Boyt, penned a letter on the company’s website detailing the move. He said: “At Drone Safe Register we have been thinking about how we can respond and protect the interests of you our members and the whole drone industry overall. Up until recent events 2020 looked like it was going to be a great year for many as the industry was finally on the move. “For four years we’ve worked tirelessly to build and support our
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Flock makes industry commitment with £10,000 insurance pledge

Flock has made a commitment to the drone industry to help pilots through the coronavirus crisis. In a statement put out by company CEO, Ed Leon Klinger, he outlined a number of initiatives set out by the company in a move to offer help. The first is a £10,000 giveaway to pilots tackling the coronavirus. Klinger said: “If you’re working on a plan to fight this virus using drones (for example, see TerraDrone delivering medication in China) we can help. We’re committing to provide £10,000 of free insurance to organisations tackling Coronavirus. Learn more and find out if you’re eligible
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