Dedrone tech secures UK infrastructure approval

Dedrone Counter-Drone Technology
Dedrone has been awarded certification from the UK's Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). It received that award for its counter-drone DroneTracker platform which detects, tracks, and identifies drones by using multi-sensor capability combining RF, radar, and optical sensors. The new CPNI drone detection standard is the first official validation of counter-drone technology. It enables organisations deemed to be of critical national importance to adopt drone detection technology with the assurance that it has been tested rigorously. Amit Samani, Dedrone's regional sales manager for the UK, said: "Any organisation needing drone detection technology should consider platforms evaluated and tested by
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BREAKING NEWS: Skyports raises £5.35 million in Series A funding

Skyports. Visual 1
Skyports has raised £5.35 million in Series A funding, jointly led by Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures (DBDV) and Groupe ADP. The round also includes significant new investment from Levitate Capital following their seed investment in the company in January 2018. Skyports said the capital allows Skyports to continue its programme of acquiring sites for passenger and cargo vertiports in cities around the world, including Singapore and Los Angeles. Following the Singapore showcase of the world’s first passenger vertiport in October – the VoloPort – in partnership with air taxi manufacturer Volocopter, Skyports has received substantial interest from landlords in the
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Only 23% of UK adults support drone deliveries, new poll finds

drone delivery
A new Institue of Mechanical Engineers poll has found that only 23% of adults support drone deliveries. Highlighted in a report titled ‘Public Perceptions: Drones’, the low level of support comes from concerns including package theft and accidents. Commenting on the report, IMechE head of engineering Dr Jenifer Baxter speaking to Professional Engineering, thinks media representation has played its part. She said “One of the things we have seen over the last year is a fair amount of negative press over the use of drones around airports, the sorts of cases where drones are used inappropriately… that can sit in
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