Five country security summit calls for tech companies to prioritise public protection

Tech companies have been advised to prioritise the protection of their users and the wider public when designing services, the UK and international security partners have warned. In a meeting which focused on ‘emerging threats’, a theme which included drones as a category, senior ministers from the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to work together with industry to tackle a range of security threats. Newly-appointed home secretary Priti Patel joined the other representatives at the 2-day summit, known as the Five Country Ministerial. In a statement released on the Government’s website, the Home
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VIDEO: Drone footage gives Manchester fire service birds-eye view of Ashton blaze

Footage captured by drone has given the fire service in Manchester a bids-eye view of the mill fire in Ashton. Taking to social media to share the footage, the fire service said how the drone footage managed to show the magnitude of what the men on the ground had to deal with. The International Emergency Drone Organization quoted the tweet and described how the use of drone tech can add value to firefighting. It said: "This is amazing how much a drone footage in this case could afford so much intelligence from a fire, pyrolysis smokes, building structures and location
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Police in Whaley Bridge deploys evacuated street drone patrols to combat opportunist theft

Police in Whaley Bridge turned to drone tech to patrol the evacuated streets in the town after opportunist thieves looked to ‘ransack’ empty houses. More than 1,500 residents were forced to evacuate over concerns that the nearby Toddbrook Reservoir was at risk of bursting. Reports have suggested that because of the empty homes and streets, some thieves had seen an opportunity. On man, speaking to The Sun, said his home had already been broken into. However, the Derbyshire deputy chief constable, Rachel Swann, reassured residents that their homes were safe. She commented: “We can assure you that security of the
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