BEST PRACTICE: What every drone business needs to know about GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 with great fanfare, and rightly so. It is the most significant change to data protection legislation in Europe for over two decades and puts individuals back in the driving seat of how their data is used. However, there continues to be a lot of confusion within the business community on the steps that need to be taken to ensure compliance. Consequently, many businesses are suffering from ‘GDPR fatigue’ caused by overexposure to security and legal rules. Joe Collinwood at CySure addresses misunderstanding surrounding cookies and consent in
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OPINION: How high-tech monocles can solve the camera feed viewing dilemma for drone operators

As UK regulations tighten around drone safety, Andy Johnson, head of product and solutions management at business technology solutions provider Brother UK, explains how monocular head mounted display (HMD) technology is helping commercial drone pilots to comply with regulation, and to position drones while viewing camera feeds simultaneously. Regulatory bodies have fallen behind the UK’s rapidly expanding drone industry in recent years. But last month’s new drone laws coming into force was a sign that authorities are beginning to step up the pace – much to the delight of commercial drone pilots, with many in the industry rightly believing that
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OPINION: Consortiq’s Paul Rigby debunks drone industry myths

When bespoke unmanned vehicles specialist Consortiq first opened its doors in 2015, it set out with the ambition of carving out a position as one of the UK’s leading pilot training entities. In the three years that have passed since the company took flight, CEO Paul Rigby has been well-placed to observe some of the main misnomers that challenge the industry. Here he explains how drones can be serious business and where the industry is heading. Let’s be clear about one thing. Drones are not just for enthusiasts — they’re also for serious business. But there are a few preconceptions
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OPINION: How the drone attack on the Venezuelan President could have been prevented

The recent assassination attempt against the President of Venezuela has underlined the importance of drone detection systems. News broke on Sunday that President Nicolás Maduro survived an assassination attempt involving explosive drones while speaking at a military event in Caracas. According to the BBC, communications minister Jorge Rodriguez said two drones loaded with explosives went off near the president’s stand. Leeds-based drone specialist, Coptrz, DJI's AeroScope, which is designed to identify drones which enter the protected airspace, is a suitable system for major events, and would have been a helpful addition to Sunday's event. Steve Coulson, managing director and founder
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EXCLUSIVE: Fortem’s Tim Bean sheds light on protecting the world’s airspace

Tim Headshot
Radar technology is the key to ensuring safe drone operations as UAVs become more prominent around the world, claims Fortem CEO. Following the assignation attempt against the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, on Sunday, Tim Bean, the CEO of Fortem Technologies and expert on airspace safety and security relative to drones, provides insight into protecting the global airspace. Threats drones present Drones present an imminent threat to sensitive ”no fly zones” not properly secured. The recent assassination attempt on President Maduro presents an unfortunate example of the potential harm that can be caused and the need for increased airspace awareness
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