Local council considers drone to deal with seagull pest problem

Councillors in Cheltenham are looking at deploying a drone to act as a deterrent against pest seagulls in the local area. The UAV would be used to go across the town’s skyline and spot rooftop nests which would then be targeted by other prevention methods, one of which is to oil eggs to prevent them from hatching. According to a report from Gloucester Live, seagulls nesting on rooftops are causing some residents to have sleepless nights. Following the initial proposal, a council working group has subsequently come up with a series of recommendations to put to Cheltenham Borough Council's cabinet
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Panel says purchase of Chinese tech could leave US vulnerable to security breach

A congressional advisory panel in the US has said the purchase of internet-linked tech manufactured in China leaves the US vulnerable to security breaches. In its annual report last week, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said the lack of security could leave critical infrastructure at risk. The review went on to warn of dangers to the US government and private sector from a reliance on global supply chains linked to China. This warning explicitly links to the importation of DJI drones, purchase of which was suspended for a short time earlier this year until a cybersecurity risk assessment
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Britain ‘actively’ funding armed autonomous drones, says new report

The Ministry of Defence is ‘actively’ funding research into technology supporting the development of armed autonomous drones, according to a report by Drone Wars UK. It released the information despite an official government line which states how the UK “does not possess fully autonomous weapons and has no intention of developing them.” The study, named ‘Off the Leash: The Development of Autonomous Military Drones in the UK’, identifies key technologies influencing the development of the future of armed drones. The report goes on to map out agencies, laboratories, and contractors which are undertaking research into drones and autonomous weapon technology
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ISIS threatens Eiffel Tower attack by drone

ISIS has threatened that its next terror attack will involve a small drone targeting the Eiffel Tower in France. The terror organisation’s latest propaganda depicts a small drone flying near the Eiffel Tower and red crosshairs hovering over the Parisian landmark. According to a report from The Sun, the image was publicised by Muharir al-Ansar, an ISIS-affiliated media group. The organisation is known for regular production of terror-related content in English. The image comes with a message saying ‘await for our surprises’. In May of this year the same organisation released a similar image which depicted French President Emmanuel Macron's
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BREAKING NEWS: EU launches European network for drone demonstration projects

The EU Transport Commissioner has launched a European network for drone demonstration projects. The network will aim to become a forum to share knowledge on how to keep drone operations safe, secure and green. People behind the project have said the program will focus on the so-called U-space, a system that connects all drones flying in the air and that makes all drones visible for authorities and citizens. Commissioner for transport at the EU, Violeta Bulc, said: "Drones are a key part of the future of aviation and will become part of our daily lives. All players can mutually learn
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FBI director warns that terrorist drones pose an ‘escalating threat’

The director of the FBI has warned of the increasing risk posed by terrorists using commercial drones to carry out attacks. He is concerned that terrorist organisations, criminal groups and drug cartels are progressively looking at drones as a new way of committing an assault. In a senate committee earlier this week, FBI Director Christopher Wray described how “terrorist groups could easily export their battlefield experiences to use weaponised drones.” According to a report by Bloomberg, Wray’s comments are his most forceful to date on the matter. He went on to describe how their retail availability and “lack of verified
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Startupstaging’s ‘drone tracks’ development to make cheap shipping a reality

Startupstaging has developed ‘drone tracks’ with aim to make one US dollar shipping a reality. The startup, located at East Stroudsburg University Innovation Centre, close to New York, is hoping the idea can eliminate the current risks surrounding the use of drones for delivery. The system uses a hook mechanism to attach the drone to the rail so it cannot disengage during malfunctions or inclement weather. Like roads for cars, the system creates consistent and predictable flight paths allowing for safer and easier organisation. Additionally, the electrified tracks can charge the drones meaning they can stay constantly charged and travel
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