FAA grants TSO authorisation for uAvionix tailBeacon solution

uAvionix has confirmed it has received FAA Technical Standard Order approval for its tailBeacon integrated rear position light ADS-B OUT solution.   Much like the skyBeacon, the tailBeacon has been optimised for ease of installation times of less than one hour, including documentation.  The tailBeacon system consists of a total of four TSOs which include ADS-B (TSO-C154c, Class B1S), GPS (TSO-C145e, Class Beta 1), Barometric altitude sensor (TSO-C88b) and Position Light (TSO-C30c, Type III). uAvionix detailed that, in preparation for approval, it has installed a kegerator, returned the defib machine, tooled a second manufacturing line and obtained FAA Manufacturing Inspection District
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Kittyhawk completes FAA onboarding process to unveil LAANC 2.0

Kittyhawk has introduced LAANC 2.0 after the completion of the official FAA onboarding process. It means Kittyhawk will now offer the latest FAA data sources, rules and requirements packaged into one workflow to its enterprise customers and mobile app users across the platform. As part of the upgrade, Kittyhawk now offers LAANC authorizations from its desktop web application and from Android application, including Crystal Sky. The company detailed how the introduction of LAANC to Android is regarded as a major milestone. Also, anyone on the platform can once again apply for auto-approval of LAANC authorizations up to 90 days in
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FAA awards Wing Aviation with first air carrier certification for drone delivery

US transportation secretary Elaine L. Chao has confirmed the FAA has given a Certification of Commercial Package Delivery to Wing Aviation. A first for a drone delivery company, the certification paved the way for the Alphabet-owned firm to to begin commercial package delivery in Blacksburg, VA. Wing partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership and Virginia Tech, as one of the participants in the Transportation Department’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program. Elaine Chao commented: “This is an important step forward for the safe testing and integration of drones into our economy. Safety continues to be our Number One priority as
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FAA ready to award first drone airline licence within the next month

The FAA is expecting to awards its first licence to operate a drone airline in the next month. According to a report from Reuters, an official at the regulator described how the agency decided last year that the large-scale commercial package delivery operations by drones would need to meet the same safety and economic certification standards as other airlines. FAA Office of UAS Integration executive director Jay Merkle said: “In the next month we expect to announce we will have our first ... air carrier certificate for operating a drone airline, “That is a major accomplishment for us and our
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