Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tests drones in power line inspections

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) has completed transmission power line inspections using drones in collaboration with AiRXOS and the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). The inspections were carried out on the Pittsburg-Valliant 345-kilovolt transmission at a CNO-owned property in the southeast of the state as part of the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP). These recent inspections have focused on safe, automated flights that make use of visual observers and data capture where future planned tests will incorporate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), without any visual observer in operation. Executive director of advance technology initiatives of Choctaw
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Drone parachute company posts record quarterly profits

Drone safety company ParaZero has revealed record quarterly profits of £321,000 ($414,000) as more of its clients secure Federal Aviation Authority waivers to fly-over people. The news comes after ParaZero announced £181,500 ($235,000) worth of orders from clients for its unique system. The SafeAir system allows ParaZero’s customers to apply for waivers from the FAA allowing flight over populated areas. To date, 38 businesses including Fox News, Verizon Media and CNN have secured waivers contributing to the overall boost in the company’s profits. ParaZero’s unique drone safety parachute can be retrofitted to numerous drones as well as fitted upon manufacture.
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ParaZero reveals orders of £180k from drone manufacturers for parachutes system

Drone safety business ParaZero has today unveiled partnerships with drone manufacturers to deliver custom parachutes. Drone manufacturers have placed orders valued at £181,500 ($235,000) for ParaZero’s SafeAir OEM system for deployment in densely populated areas. ParaZero CEO, Eden Attias, said of the news: “Drone logistics is a rapidly emerging industry and ParaZero is at the forefront of drone safety.  “We are well-positioned for growth as we capitalise on this global megatrend.” ParaZero’s technology can be retrofitted to existing drones to provide safety systems that allow businesses to fly drones over people. “ParaZero has developed a solution for existing drones to
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