Drones help with difficult task of weighing whales

Scientists have been deploying drones to help with what is usually the challenging task of weighing whales. Usually, scientists have to weight stranded or dead animals which can lead less accuracy. Now, according to a report in CNET, a team of researchers led by the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies in Denmark and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts published a study on how drones can be used. The method this week in the British Ecological Society journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution. The CNET report detailed how the scientists used drones to take aerial photographs of southern right
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Loughborough University drone expert develops tech for climate change tracking

A Loughborough University academic is developing drone technology to measure the size of small, underwater sediments in a bid to understand how rivers are responding to environmental drivers such as climate change. Physical geographer Dr Amy Woodget of the School of Social Sciences, is hoping her research using drone imagery and machine learning will allow sediments as small as 0.5cm to be measured accurately, providing valuable scientific data that will reveal how rivers are behaving. By studying patterns of sediment size, experts can understand changes that are occurring in rivers as a result of environmental factors. Dr Woodget says drones
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More drones used by roof inspectors for ‘faster and more efficient’ inspections

Roof inspector
Roof inspectors in the United States are increasingly purchasing UAVs to survey roofs, according to a new case study. The study, carried out by FLIR Systems, says that drones equipped with thermal and visible cameras are being used to track down moisture and inspect for signs of insulation that is damaged or missing. Although inspectors may still be required to get up on the roof to establish the extent of an issue, the drones are able to give a thorough view of a roof and establish which parts will not need further inspection. This has ensured that roof inspections can
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Kespry posts results of first mining and aggregates customer survey

Kespry has announced the results of the industry’s first mining and aggregates customer survey which has illustrated the significant benefits the company offers. The drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider surveyed 220 North America-based mining and aggregates companies that use its platform for inventory management, mine planning, materials management, contractor benchmarking, and boosting employee safety across 3,311 worksites. Amongst the survey’s results was that a fifth of the companies surveyed said they were saving $50,000 (£40k) - $100,000+ (£80k) a year using Kespry, with a further 24% in the $30,000-$49,999 bracket. There was also evidence that firms are saving a significant
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