UAVOS tests flight algorithm glider for its VTOL UAV

UAVOS has completed a successful test of a new glider flight algorithm for its VTOL UAV. Featuring a high level of safety in case of failures of the UAV power plant in flight, the mode allows the helicopter to automatically switch into auto-rotation mode when the engine fails and can protect the power unit from overloads during critical flight conditions. UAVOS has also confirmed that its new flight algorithm significantly improves the survivability of the UAV, improves flight safety and reduces insurance costs. The basic principle of the new algorithm is based on the priority of maintaining the revolutions of
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Drone flies for over an hour to complete first unmanned kidney delivery

Researchers at the University of Maryland carried out a test which saw a drone successfully deliver a kidney by air. The UAV flew for over an hour as part of the test and delivered the organ which, after testing, was still in perfect condition for a transplant if needed. The team used a kidney which was good enough for testing but not quite fit for a real life human patient. The drone used for the mission was a DJI M600 Pro, chosen because its six motors sit directly under their rotors, keeping heat away from the HOMAL, the specialist device
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