Drone Ag launches crowdfunding campaign for crop scouting software development

Drone Ag has launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop its Skippy Scout software. The firm says it is aiming to raise £250,000 for the smartphone app and platform which automates crop monitoring using drones, and analyses the data using deep learning AI. Founder of Drone Ag, Jack Wrangham commented: “Skippy Scout automates drones in a way never done before, with the aim to collect and analyse leaf-level data in a simple and practical way that fits with current farming practices and helps to increase efficiency.” Funds will be used to allow the business to develop new features, hire new talent
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vHive releases drone solution for autonomous cell tower inspection

vHive has released its fully automated workflow for cell tower inspection using drones to also support guy wire towers. The company, based in Israel, is a developer of cloud-based software which enables companies to deploy autonomous drone hives to digitalise operations and assets. As well as cell tower inspection, the company provides solutions to companies in a variety of other industries including telecom, rail and civil engineering. Tomer Daniel, vHive CTO, said: “Millions of cell towers worldwide require ongoing inspection and surveying as part of their ongoing operations and vHive's solution has already enabled telecom companies to perform thousands of
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