vHive releases drone solution for autonomous cell tower inspection

vHive has released its fully automated workflow for cell tower inspection using drones to also support guy wire towers. The company, based in Israel, is a developer of cloud-based software which enables companies to deploy autonomous drone hives to digitalise operations and assets. As well as cell tower inspection, the company provides solutions to companies in a variety of other industries including telecom, rail and civil engineering. Tomer Daniel, vHive CTO, said: “Millions of cell towers worldwide require ongoing inspection and surveying as part of their ongoing operations and vHive's solution has already enabled telecom companies to perform thousands of
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Delair unveils new large scale agriculture surveying UAV

Delair has released of a new drone platform specifically optimised for the agriculture industry, the Delair UX11 Ag. Built on the foundation of the successful Delair UX11 fixed-wing UAV, the new version combines long-range/BVLOS flight operations with highly accurate survey-grade mapping and plant data collection capabilities. The UX11 Ag uses enhanced centimetre-level geolocation along with operational characteristics, as part of its aim to become a cost-effective solution for large area farming and forestry. The full-featured drone includes sensing technologies and a multispectral camera for plant-level measuring, including bird level, biomass and chlorophyll. It supports a productivity-oriented workflow for long-range, multi-field
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AirWorks 2018: DJI and Microsoft build on partnership with Windows SDK launch

DJI and Microsoft took to the keynotes stage at this week’s Airworks conference to launch the public preview of their Windows SDK. The announcement was part of DJIs push to partner with industry leaders in order to enhance its ecosystem. The SDK sets out to enable drone solutions developers to wirelessly transfer images to Windows-powered edge devices, integrate and control drones and allow third-party payloads via Windows apps to bring real-time AI and machine learning capabilities to imagery from DJI drones. DJI hopes the move will 'exponentially' increase the way drones can be used and scaled up within an enterprise
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