Operation Zenith demos air traffic drone safety at international airport

Operation Zenith has shown how drones can be used effectively and safely at an airport, despite busy airspace. The project held at Manchester Airport, is a product of a partnership between NATS, Altitude Angel and a number of delivery partners. The day contained eight scenarios for a drone to complete tasks in busy airspace without risk of safety problems. The scenarios were completed with both cooperative and uncooperative air traffic in the skies to prove that UTM has real capabilities to integrate and connect with numerous detection systems to properly cater for the threat and challenges posed. Organisers of the
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Coptrz sees uptake of nearly 70% for its 2019 PfCO courses

Coptrz has seen a 68% uptake for its PfCO training courses for January to June next year. The numbers are record breaking for Coptrz and its courses which take place across the country in 12 different locations across Britain. The NQE CAA accredited training provider has also partnered with Flock to include free insurance for all students for the duration of the course and the test flight. Coptrz believes the increase in course dates is helping with its commitment to create the new generation of drone pilots. Founder and managing director at Coptrz, said: “The demand for drone training has
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British Army embarks on largest military robot exercise in its history

Military drone
The Army has started its biggest military robot exercise in British history. Troops have commenced the testing of over 70 examples of futuristic technology including enhanced surveillance drones and other unmanned vehicles. The ‘Autonomous Warrior’ experiment, taking place on the fields of Salisbury Plain, will last four weeks and will test a range of prototype unmanned aerial vehicles alongside autonomous ground-based robots. The exercise will finish with a battlegroup experiment which will see the best ideas and products tested in a tough simulated operational environment. On the experiment, defence secretary Gavin Williamson, said: “Our troops now have the chance to
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Heliguy hosts emergency services roadshow in Lincolnshire

Heliguy has hosted an emergency services roadshow in Lincoln, in partnership with DJI. The scene, put together by event organisers, featured a derailed train and a number of casualties which emergency services had to use a drone to deal with as part of a demonstration. The event, held last Tuesday, also doubled up as the official launch of the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise release in the UK. Emergency services used the new loudspeaker feature on the drone to give a message to the casualties of ‘This is the emergency services. Please remain calm. Help will be with you shortly’ in
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Australian beach council to use drones for coastline patrol

Northern Beaches Council lifeguards and rangers in Australia are currently undertaking drone qualifications to operate drones. The move is part of a plan to give the team greater capability to keep beaches safe and supplement existing regulatory resources. The tailor-made Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) qualification has been offered to four council lifeguards and two rangers. Once completed, the staff will receive their Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Remote Pilot License (RePL), as well as their Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC). On the training scheme, Northern Beaches mayor, Michael Regan, said: “We’re very lucky
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Openreach turns to drone operations for fibre broadband connection in Scottish Highlands

Openreach used a drone to fly a fibre broadband cable across a river in the Scottish Highlands. The UAV was used to connect a remote home in the area with the network, providing it with a better quality of internet. According to a report by the BBC, the team had previously attempted to attach cables to fishing lines, golf balls and even hammers, but had been mostly unsuccessful. Chief engineer for Openreach in the North of Scotland, Kevin Drain, told the BBC: "Although Glenmazeran is only 20 miles from Inverness, the properties are very remote and scattered. We've had to
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