Citadel Defense Company awarded US government purchase contract valued at over £750k

The Citadel Defense Company has been awarded a purchase contract valued over £750,000 ($1M) by the Defense Logistics Agency in support of USSOCOM requirements. This is the company's sixth government contract for its mobile system that counters threatening drones. Through autonomy, proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Citadel Defense creates a force multiplier for Warfighters that enables them to be more efficient. Christopher Williams, CEO at Citadel Defense , said: "By working alongside the U.S. Government and hundreds of warfighters, we've fielded a capability that works today, at scale, and with minimal field support in the harshest operating environments. 
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WATCH: BAE Systems challenges students to counter drone threat

BAE Systems has sponsored a multi-university competition at Cranfield Airport. Taking place last week, it brought together four teams from three universities in a game of attack and defence using UAVs. The teams from Cranfield University, University of Manchester and University of Strathclyde were challenged to develop the most effective solution to take control of unauthorised UAVs in a restricted area. Organisers say the scenario was developed based on the real and emerging threats that exist to protect urban spaces, airfields and airports from such incidents. The students used a combination of technologies including AI and automation, together with close
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Drone AG raises £250,000 to develop crop-management drone app

AG drone
A fund-raising campaign has been launched to further develop an agricultural app which automates crop scouting through a drone-controlling mobile app. Drone Ag has started a £250,000 crowdfunding appeal to enhance its sophisticated ‘Skippy Scout’ software. Skippy Scout is designed to make farmers’ lives easier by saving time, increasing efficiency and providing accurate results. Drone AG has partnered with Heliguy to offer a training course to help users learn to develop their drone agricultural skills. Jack Wrangham, founder and director of Drone AG, said: “We truly believe that Skippy Scout can bring huge improvements to efficiency in agriculture.” Northumberland-based Drone
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Mandatory “flyer’s license” needed to operate drones in Australia

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Australia’s aviation safety authority, will make it mandatory for all drone users to register their models from July 2019. CASA will make it necessary for all drones to be accredited by its service for it to be it easier for the police to track down offenders. Peter Gibson, manager corporate communications at CASA, told ABC News: "It will certainly give us big advantages in terms of complaints or reports of drones being flown improperly or against the safety rules," "We'll have a starting point to know who flies drones in that area, what sort
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Korea gears up for 5G drone technology

Korean operators have joined forces to become the world’s first nationwide provision of 5G commercial services, with drones a key part of the development plan. Ericsson won the 5G commercial deal with KT to support commercially available smartphones in Korea, commencing early April 2019. Wi-Fi signal is often used to maintain contact between pilot and drone, notwithstanding the limitations associated with the range and transmitter. According to mobile service providers, the use of 5G opens up new dimensions in innovative drone applications, including live-saving services. Under this initial commercial contract, Ericsson will provide 3GPP standards-based 5G New Radio hardware and software
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