XAG joins Bayer on drone-based horticultural crop solution demo

Bayer and XAG has recently collaborated in Hangzhou, China to host a crop dusting drone demonstration on citrus trees. Justin Gong, Co-founder and Vice President of XAG, together with Bayer's crop scientists and agricultural experts from China, Germany, India, and U.S., attended the joint convention. It showcased its UAS fruit tree solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D flight mode. XAG's claims its fruit tree solution is the world's first all-terrain autonomous drone spraying technology that resolves the challenge of applying pesticides and fertilisers on complex terrains, such as mountains, hills and terraces. The partnership between XAG and Bayer,
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West Yorkshire Police praises Parrot ANAFI in successful search for man on the run

West Yorkshire Police has credited its Parrot ANAFI with helping secure a man who had made off after a crash. It happened after a pursuit earlier this week outside Leeds City Centre which led to a crash. The force detailed how the driver made off and attempted to hide nearby. Taking to social media to make the public aware of the good news, the West Yorkshire Police drone team commented: “He would certainly have got away had it not been for our Parrot Anafi thermal drone which spotted him hiding on a flat roof.” See the tweet here: https://twitter.com/WYP_Drones/status/1154024560502693889
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