West Yorkshire Police praises Parrot ANAFI in successful search for man on the run

West Yorkshire Police has credited its Parrot ANAFI with helping secure a man who had made off after a crash. It happened after a pursuit earlier this week outside Leeds City Centre which led to a crash. The force detailed how the driver made off and attempted to hide nearby. Taking to social media to make the public aware of the good news, the West Yorkshire Police drone team commented: “He would certainly have got away had it not been for our Parrot Anafi thermal drone which spotted him hiding on a flat roof.” See the tweet here: https://twitter.com/WYP_Drones/status/1154024560502693889
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Representative body launched for South African drone industry

The drone industry in South Africa now has its own representative body following the launch of the South African Federation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Safu). The nonprofit body, launched last week in Kyalami, aims to promote and support the development of the industry and to educate operators in the correct use of UAVs. Chairperson Sam Twala said: “Safu is a nonprofit organisation. We currently have a strategic plan, but it is for a short time, only for this financial year. “We have a plan to have interest groups. That is, under the aegis of Safu, various member companies will be
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DJI unveils Manifold 2 on-board supercomputer to make drones autonomous

DJI has introduced the Manifold 2, a compact onboard supercomputer for DJI drones that can turn them into autonomous robots. With the new capability, users would be able to process complex image data onboard the drone and gets immediate results. Users can also program drones to fly autonomously while identifying objects and avoiding obstacles. Jan Gasparic, director of strategic partnerships at DJI, commented: “Through partnerships with some of the industry’s leading computing companies and chip manufacturers, we are enabling DJI drones to become intelligent flying robots that can perform complex computing tasks and advanced image processing literally on the fly.”
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