WATCH: Flirtey unveils “future of drone delivery”

Flirtey Eagle and CEO
Flirtey has released a video of it unveiling what the company described as the "future of drone delivery" with a food drop-off. It shows a food outlet putting boxes into a large Flirtey unit, similar to the Antwork one used by KFC in a report yesterday. The drone, with the food inside, then flies to a family approximately ten minutes away to make the delivery. On arrival, it lowers the food down on a tether into the family's garden. See it in action here: The device is described as green and made in the US. Flirtey detailed that it
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VIDEO: UAV Navigation demos fully automatic autorotation capability

UAV Navigation has released footage of its testing work on its Vector Autopilot fully automatic autorotation capability. It says its Vector autopilot is one of very few autopilots to have a fully functional autorotation capability. It was developed as part of the requirement for a customer using an Enstrom 480B helicopter which was converted from a standard manned aircraft into a UAV in 2017. UAV Navigation says the functionality has been further tested and demonstrated on other smaller UAVs, including a conventional configuration 2m rotor disc, piston-engined helicopter. Watch the footage here:
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Heliguy allocates £1m to help government bodies kick start enterprise drone programmes

Heliguy has allocated £1m of stock to help government bodies kick start and scale their enterprise drone programmes. The batch of equipment has been specifically put aside on a first-come first-served basis. It has been made available for phase one of Full Stack, the firm’s new drone supply and support service for enterprise clients. The company released a video introduction to the new service, watch it here: It also confirmed that Full Stack phase two, which will be open to industry and large businesses, is set to be made available soon.
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