Centrik’s Complete Control Helps Aardvark LLP Carry Out ‘World’s First’ Flights


Kazakhstan-based UAS operator, Aardvark LLP, has implemented a powerful operational management solution, Centrik, to help facilitate the continued expansion of its business. This includes beyond visual line-of-sight flights monitoring wildlife and ice flows in the north Caspian Sea on a scale not seen anywhere else in the world.

Primarily working in the oil and gas industry, Aardvark’s increasingly complex risk, safety, quality, compliance and training requirements meant that it needed to find an easy-to-use system capable of managing every aspect of its operation.

Paul Reynolds, Business Development Director at Aardvark LLP, says: “From our first introduction to Centrik, we knew it was more than capable of delivering what we required. The system provides complete operational oversight from a single source, which has been a huge benefit when trying to secure new business – including our new long-range activity.

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“Detailed audits often form part of the tender process with potential clients – with Centrik, we’re able to demonstrate the intricacies of the business from a safety, training and regulatory standpoint in an instant. It’s a very powerful tool.”

Initially developed for civil aviation, Centrik is the only system fully compliant with ICAO and National Aviation Authority regulations that cater explicitly for UAS operations. Within the manned aviation sector, Centrik has been developed to work seamlessly both online and offline, compatible with both standard tablets and Electronic Flight Bags. The remote capabilities of the system make it ideally suited to the flight and safety management requirements of UAS operators, no matter where they are.

This inherent flexibility allows Centrik to help remove the need for disparate programmes and paper or email-based processes, replacing them with a cloud-based solution that offers comprehensive, fully configurable functionality.

“What makes Centrik stand alone is its use of an intuitive traffic light system to provide instant visual cues on the status of anything happening across the business. The system and efficiently highlights all required actions, whether it’s lapsed training or medical certification, unactioned safety reports, pre-flight checks and risk assessments, or even outstanding tasks from a staff meeting.

“Individuals can manage what’s relevant to them through their dashboards, while senior management has complete operational oversight through theirs – it puts our entire operation at our fingertips,” adds Reynolds.

The key to this total control is the system’s modular structure, which provides Aardvark with the ability to monitor and update workflows, tasks, equipment and logbooks, as well as create detailed flight logs, perform pre-flight checks, conduct risk and safety assessments, and importantly quickly and easily manage and trace all pilot training and currency records.

Aardvark was established in 2016 to support the burgeoning oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan, increasing in scale year on year. By the end of 2021, the company intends to have ten pilots – all trained to UK standards – carrying out inspection, imaging and security flights, alongside the new longer-range operations that will extend to around 400km offshore.

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