Chartered Surveyors take to the skies with aerial drone inspections


Chris Daniells and Richard Huffer from Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors recently attended a 3-day commercial drone flying course at NATS Swanwick and successfully gained permission to fly a DHCS company drone for commercial operations.

The Portsmouth-based company can now offer aerial drone surveys alongside existing surveying services, for both commercial and residential purposes.

Huffer said: “The drone gives us the opportunity to easily survey previously inaccessible parts of buildings, such as roofs and higher structural details.

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He added: “We don’t have bring in cherry pickers which were costly and often hard to get on site.  And the high definition quality of the images and video really helps us analyse the properties in detail”.

The firm confirmed that the drone will be used both for residential and commercial valuations and within the Building Consultancy team for services such as planning, dilapidations and insurance reinstatement.

Daniells said: “We are one of the few RICS Chartered Surveyors in the South to offer this service.  You can get an aerial survey carried out by non-surveyors but you still need to employ the services of a RICS surveyor to analyse and report on the footage or images.”

He continued: “With us you get the whole package and, because we are controlling the drone, we know exactly what to look for and can fly the drone around the property, spotting any defects or features and zooming in if required.”

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