China dominates drone operation training worldwide

The world’s largest drone manufacturing nation is implementing stricter regulations and is enforcing training among consumers.

Earlier this year the Chinese government announced it was unveiling more stringent rules regarding licensing, leaving drone enthusiasts scrambling for licenses.

A test-flight base opened in the commercial hub of Shanghai, which requires civilian drones to fly below 150m (492ft), the official news agency’s Xinhuanet website said in September.

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“A drone is not a toy,” said Yang Nuo, the principal of the drone training school in the Chinese capital, who expects more students to sign up in a drive to boost flying skills. “It involves complicated aerial theoretical knowledge.”

Gao Huiqiang, told Reuters his construction company told him to seek a license. He said: “Since the laws on drones are tightening and a legal framework is being built, they told me to come and get the license first.”

There are currently more than 120,000 drones users who have registered in China, Xinhuanet said, compared to just 77,000 registered users in the United States.

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