CLEARSKY Drone Threat Management to be used at Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport

Digital Global Systems has announced that it has signed a three-year deal to protect Bristol Airport in the UK from aerial threats.

It has successfully tested its CLEARSKY Drone Threat Management system there which resulted in the agreement.

CLEARSKY will now be responsible for providing detection, classification, and location of unauthorized drones and controllers operating in the flight restriction zone.

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The product also comes with capabilities such as machine learning, third party integration, local adaptations and anomalous signal detection.

“As the incidents at Gatwick Airport and other airports demonstrate,” said Fernando Murias, chairman and CEO of DGS, “these capabilities would have been essential in helping security personnel locate the perpetrators.

“Additionally, CLEARSKY is designed to operate in chaotic and noisy RF environments, including airports and sports stadiums.

“Market feedback indicates that other counter-drone vendors have trouble detecting in these real-world environments.”

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